Dice Masters is obviously one of our most favorite things ever. WizKids has just announced that yet another one of our favorite Marvel properties “Maximum Carnage” will be making its way to the Dice Masters universe in the form of a Team Pack. As with our Doctor Strange Team Pack review, the Maximum Carnage Team Pack will come with select cards and dice that you can add to your collection and intertwine with your other Dice Masters sets. I am really hoping to see some unique characters from that series like Doppelgänger and Shriek, as Maximum Carnage was one of my favorite Marvel stories growing up. Here is a complete breakdown as to what Dice Masters series will be available this year at retail:

All Dice Masters sets announced throughout July of 2017.
All Dice Masters sets announced throughout July of 2017.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Heroes in the Half Shell – Box Set – February 8th, 2017
Marvel’s Iron Man & War Machine – Starter Set – February 15th, 2017
Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy – Gravity Feed – April 2017
Marvel Defenders – Team Pack – May 2017
DC’s Superman and Wonder Woman – Starter Set – May 2017
DC’s Batman – Gravity Feed – May 2017
Marvel’s X-Men First Class – Gravity Feed – June 2017
Marvel’s Maximum Carnage – Team Pack – July 2017
And that’s just through the first seven months of this year! I am super excited to see what will be next for Dice Masters this Fall and holiday season.

By Thomas