Quick Glance: Batman: The Animated Series Dice Game
Game Type: Dice Game
Number of Players: 2-4 (5 with Mr. Freeze Promo Card)
Mechanics: Push your Luck
Difficulty: Light
Release: 2016
MSRP: $14.95
If you have ever played the popular filler/casual game Zombie Dice from Steve Jackson games we get a delightful remake set in the universe of Batman: The Animated Series. If you are unfamiliar with Zombie Dice this is a “Press your Luck” game where you play as one of Batman’s greatest villains trying to get as much loot as possible without getting busted by Batman.

Batman The Animated Series Dice Game
The game is minimalist in that it is self contained with a cup and a lid, and inside you have the character tokens and 10 dice that have faces showing the Batsignal (uh-oh), money bags (cha-ching) and alarms (not great but not Bat trouble). The color of the dice can be worth more points as they may have more Batsignals on them so your loot probability is lower. Each villain has a special skill that either increases your odds of rolling favorably or gives you point bonuses on your results. For instance Poison Ivy can dodge a blue Batsignal die, and Catwoman gets double points for blue loot. For your turn you draw three die and roll them, you keep any batsignals and money bags and reroll any alarms and you draw dice as needed to get back to three to roll. If you get three Batsignals you bust out, so you have to be careful how far you push your luck. If you get to the last set of dice without three signals the last roll you get to count the alarms as loot and cash out on a high note.

Set-Up/Take Down
You open the can and pull out the dice and tokens. When you are done, you put them back. The game takes seconds and is very portable making it a great filler game to play between bigger games, or to pass time when traveling.

The game is pretty simple so a little rulebook is folded up in the can for reference. The Components are the 10 dice (2 Yellow, 3 Blue, 5 White) the four character tokens and the can itself. I think the can is a nice size for travel and the lid is trustworthy so you shouldn’t spill the dice unless you travel hard. If you watch our video un-boxing you will see me forcibly shake the can upside down before it opens. A promo Mr. Freeze can be obtained which makes the game a 5 player game and can add variety with a new available skill. Make friends with a game store owner and maybe they can hook you up.

Solo Play
It isn’t being marketed as such, but it would be a serviceable solitaire game as you go for a high score.

Final Thoughts
This isn’t a deep game, but it is easy enough to teach to kids, has one of the best licenses available in Batman and his amazing Animated Series and the portability and quick set up and take down make this a versatile game to have in your collection. With a sub $15 price you really can’t go wrong and as a bridge game to teach your kids you can certainly do worse.

Chris and Dean unbox, play and review Batman the Animated Series Dice Game by Steve Jackson Games. Take a look at what we think is an awesome quick game for the family!

By Thomas