With the TMNT Dicemasters set we don’t have to chase rares and can enjoy a complete set from the get go. Lets take a look at the cards that come in the set and start picking some favorites and maybe scheme some teams. We shall begin with the heroes.

Casey Jones and April are both pretty weak and I imagine the main reason you pick one will be to make it easier to afford one of the Splinters which is either a shield or a fist icon depending on which one you choose. The 2 cost “Pain 101” is my favorite at keeping your health up around 15 which might get annoying over time.

I have no idea why you would want the blank card Raphael, it isn’t cheaper like the Donatello card and there is another card “Anger Issues” that is fairly useful at that cost. I think a Turtles heavy team would really benefit from any of the 5 cost cards but I think I would choose the “Mad Scientist” first.

I like either of Michelangelo’s lower cost cards, the 6 cost only beefing up other of his own dice is a disappointment. As for Leonardo I like his cheap 4 cost the best. 6 Cost characters that have the main benefit of making buying characters cheaper seem like a bonus that I can live without, I mean I just bought a 6 cost card I seem to be doing all right.

Why did we need 2 of the same character? I guess the Turtles don’t have another powerful ally to be a high cost character, but can you have both at once? That seems odd to me although if you play with a full set of 8 characters and you stick with good vs evil you would have to take all 8 of the people above. The powers are similar between them, maybe you choose a favorite based on the turtles you want to build around as one boosts Raphael and Michelangelo and the other boosts Leonardo and Donatello.

Now on to the villains who may be a bit more powerful, especially Shredder who is an excellent and strong character.

By Thomas