In July, Wizkids is releasing a Superman/Wonder Woman starter set in time for what DC is hoping to be a wave of new Wonder Woman fans. Like a few of the previous sets this is not accompanied by booster packs so it is a self contained set with everything two people would need to begin playing the game. We cracked open the box in a video below if you want to see everything in the set, but if you read on I will detail the cards so you can start to envision some strategies or scheme a way to weave them into your current collections.

Wonder Woman’s gentleman friend pairs very nicely with her, by either making it easier to purchase her, or by giving her an unkillable ally. The 2 cost version allows you to use him outside of a team with Wonder Woman, if for instance you have a character ability that activates when a character dies, which is what he would be good for without WW.

Like Steve Trevor, Jimmy Olsen makes it easier to buy and use expensive characters in this case Superman and Supergirl. The “Signal Watch” is essential to any “Super-Team” and makes fielding both Superman and Supergirl with their 6-7 purchase costs feasible.

Cheetah is a powerful character against a hero team with the “Feline Fury” card, or you can choose one of the other two which add to your prep game.

Wonder Woman is perfect for shutting down certain strategies that are based on a particular global ability, action card, or “when fielded/attacks”. So if your opponent likes to lean on one of those she can force them off their game pretty quickly. She isn’t very offensive but her defensive stats will make her harder to take off the board so she can continue to disrupt people’s plans.

Artemis mostly tweaks your sidekick play. “Renouncing Olympus” makes it hard to stockpile sidekicks as they have to attack, and “Amazon of Bana Mighdall” protects her own sidekicks. However, I like the temporary invincibility of her “Shim’Tar” card which would allow you a free attack.

Giganta is all about growing with the “Standing Tall” and “Dr. Doris Zeul” cards, while “Villainy Inc” spins all your opponent characters down. The global ability on “Standing Tall” may be tempting for many teams where getting to the higher faces can be critical, and I like how if it is used by your opponent he can be buffing your team as well.

Three very different cards for Supergirl, and since she will likely be your heavy unless you use Jimmy Olsen to get her and Superman you will want to build your team to use the ability to its utmost. “All in the Family” makes her tough to knock out with a villain deck, but they added language for your own villains, so a card with splash damage would be negated on her making it more useful, however no such villain power came in this set. “I have all your powers” adds insult to injury so you can pile on more dice after striking your opponent, but you will need to create ways to keep your opponent from blocking her. “And finally we have “Guarding National City” which will keep your health up if you are falling behind. If you go hard on buying powerful characters and know you may take damage from a faster cheaper team this health boost may flip power back in your favor and now the fast cheap team has to deal with some devastating consequences.

Two of Superman’s cards are a tweak of the Supergirl options, and could be devastating if combined like if your opponent has more life than you and you field “Guarding National City” and “Symbol of Hope” so you drop them 3 and jump up 3 for a 6 point swing in a single turn. “Phone Booth” is the same as “All in the Family” and if paired against a villain team would make you nearly invincible. “Living in a world of Cardboard” seems like overkill with his stats already pretty heavy, but if you can make him “Overcrush” look out.

I like “Misdirection” for swapping cheap dice for expensive ones. “Save Civilians” makes buying easier as well but I wouldn’t choose this very often, and “Small Step for Man” is for people who hate action dice and want to pick something no one will buy.

“Take Cover” is a nice defense boost, it is simple and always useful and brings a global ability to the party. “Truce” is a wonderful card to feature the Joker and If you have a team of weaker goons you can make your opponent take out his people without combat. “The Outsider” is necessary for a villain team to battle Superman and his buddies.

By Thomas