The Nomad from Mass Effect is a pretty cool off-road vehicle. In the first game much of your time in the vehicle was pretty boring, but its usage got better as the series went on. For the much anticipated new saga starting with Andromeda next year they are releasing two 1:18th replicas that you can buy in addition to the game. First is a die cast model for 100 bucks that features a few moving pieces and can light up with some batteries. Or for 200 you can get a full RC version of the Nomad, which comes with a camera so you can drive with use of an App and take pictures of the strange terrain of your back yard. Maybe a scary picture of the massive furry monster that won’t stop barking at your vehicle from behind what appears to be some sort of massive fence. This 6 wheel drive vehicle has both front and rear steering to get you out of a jam, and might be able to do some neat tricks with the extra steering options. And like every other small device anymore it can be charged with a USB port. Both versions of the Nomad come with a limited edition Steel Case to put your “SEPARATELY PURCHASED” copy of the game within. I highlight the separate purchase because I fear that the box might lead people to think a copy of the game is included and it is not.

I am not a big RC guy, so I wanted to see what 200 dollars would typically get me in this space.

This is a racing model of an offroad truck. It seems to have specific power figures that we do not have for the Nomad but since we can assume they would market them if they were good, I imagine the truck would run literal circles around the Nomad. It also has waterproof electronics. So it would appear the Nomad doesn’t exactly stack up from a performance perspective to the RC products in this price range which include race quality cars and trucks or even a tank that can smoke when “firing”, butthat should probably be expected since there is a popular license being used and that comes at a premium.

We have reached out to see if they would provide us with more details or maybe even a review model, and we will let you know how that pans out. I would love to see the Nomad in action.

By Thomas