As a gamer parent, I struggle to find officially licensed products for my kids, especially wearables. It seems as though apparel isn’t really made for infants or toddlers. Really when you get passed the toddler stage, that is when you start to see video game references on shirts, shoes and other clothing. Bumkins however has licensed the Nintendo brand to their line of accessories for younger children. Their claim to fame are colorful, durable products that are perfect for modern day parents like myself. Utilizing popular intellectual properties like Super Mario Bros., Batman, and Mickey Mouse these products appeal to people like me who grew up with being immersed in these cartoons and want to share that with our kids.

Patrick is styling and ready to paint!
Patrick is styling and ready to paint!

Now that’s not to say you can’t find hand-made items or knock offs that are constantly found on Etsy or print-on-demand T-shirt websites. But these are not officially licensed, an are nowhere near the quality of the Bumkins products. To start, my kids love Super Mario Bros. (They take after Dad, what can I say?) Despite my very tired 3-year old in the video below, he constantly wants to wear his Super Mario Bros. Bumkins Junior Bib when doing arts and crafts, especially painting. He continuously points out Mario and Luigi, and I can sense a feeling of pride that he has wearing it.

The Junior Bib is waterproof, very durable, and has held up very well throughout the washing machine. Note, it does say to not put it in the dryer, but to hang it out to dry. This will keep the bib from deteriorating over time. It is well stitched, and is very lightweight, not interfering with your little one’s activities. Overall this is a solid product that is perfect for any parent, especially those who are fans of Nintendo. The Junior Bib retails for $9.99 and can be purchased on the Bumkins website. Check out our review video below an see how we put the Bumkins Junior Bib to the test!

Chris has his kids test out the officially licensed by Nintendo Bumkins Super Mario Bros. Junior Bib. Check out how messy his kids get while painting all over it, and see how it holds up after being in the washing machine.

By Thomas