We love to play games and collect swag, so why not do both and have some fun writing about it?  We want to provide reviews and content that appeals to gamers but perhaps more specifically to adult gamers and parents who are squeezing their childhood hobby into their busy lives.  We also want to get away from the tainted 1-10 ratings scale and try to showcase games to their intended audience and highlight their selling and sticking points in relation to their value.  On Social media we try to publicize game deals and price drops to help you save money, and we have some video content that will primarily be showcasing collectibles with some occasional bits of nonsense.

Gaming and the Busy Man

This site will talk about many elements of the video game world, but at its heart is this basic concept.  We love games but we struggle to fit them into our lives.  As current or perspective parents in relationships it has made the gaming of the past obsolete or at least rare.  Very seldom can I play a game for several hours on end, rarely do I get to team up with my friends for some sweet multiplayer, so the value of time has grown more important.  Which games give me a thrilling or relaxing experience if I can only play for 20 minutes?  What games don’t make me repeat the same things over and over so that I might go several days without moving forward and usually end up walking away from it forever?  We will try to hit on those themes in our reviews because I imagine if we find an audience for our random musings it will be similarly minded 25-45 year olds who might have similar concerns.

As I grow older, I have more money to play games. I also have less time to play games.
— Unknown


  • Acquire product knowledge from various game developers and publishers.
  • Bring a unique opinion of games you should be paying attention to.
  • What games are worth your time, and which ones you can skip.
  • Game recommendations for specific genres.
  • Sales and Deals that may be too good to pass up, that you do not want to miss.
  • Video reviews of games and swag that we are featuring.
  • Retro reviews on games of our youth, and how to purchase and play them today.
  • Important video game industry news at a glance that is interesting.