Star Trek: Conflick in the Neutral Zone Review: To Boldly Go Where No Thumb Has Gone Before

Star Trek: Conflick in the Neutral Zone Review: To Boldly Go Where No Thumb Has Gone Before

Quick Glance 

Game Type - Dexterity


Number of Players - 2-4

Mechanics - Flicking

Difficulty to Learn - Easy

Release - 2019

MSRP - $39.99

Publisher - Wizkids

Recommended for fans of - Catacombs, Cube Quest, Crokinole


Your kitchen table, the final frontier. These are the voyages of your pointer finger
It's 30 minute mission
To explore strange new pictures of worlds
To seek out new cards and new discs
To boldly flick that which has not been flicked before
This is Star Flick


As you might have already guessed, this game involves flicking a lot of disks at each other, but theres a little more nuance then that. Each game ends when one player has obtained 10 command points. These are gained through either flicking an opposing disk off the board and/or planet space or from starting your turn with a collection type ship on one of the aforementioned planets. 
The flow of each turn is pretty smooth with players collecting resources, buying new ships, placing new of previously destroyed ships on the board, and flicking all their ships.
Players can also gain dilithium crystals at the start of the turn by having a collector ship parked on the right type of planet. Dilithium crystals can be used to buy new ships from a purchase area during a players turn. These ships are all more advanced than the normal starting ships and some really interesting abilities, such as allowing you to put your finger on it before your opponent flicks.
Overall it plays a lot like many games in this genre, but the ship powers add a nice twist to the tried and true flicking formula.

Rule Book

Even though the game is pretty simple, Wizkids were kind enough to give us a rule book with lots of examples as well as a reference guide for the cards and turn order. There are some "variants" in the back, but they're really just the 3 and 4 player rules. It would have been nice to see something a tad more interesting, like a drafting variant.




Wizkids delivers another game with great components! All the wood pieces have a substantial feel to them and slide across the board pretty nicely. Speaking of the board, it looks and feels great. 
There's no cut corners here,  but I will say that the art on the cards is a little lacking. Its fine but a little bland. That may just be due to the fact that Star Trek doesn't really corner the market as far as exciting ship design. Which leads us right into theme.


Outside of dilithium crystals and ship names nothing in this game really screams Star Trek. The art is not really that evocative of the setting and the board could be used for any space themed game. Now I'll admit that Star Trek is more known for insightful sci-fi stories about the human condition then it is for ship to ship combat, but I can’t help to wonder if this game might have been a little better with different theming.



This game is simple enough that setting up and putting away isn’t a big deal, but you do have to take some time initially to sticker all the discs. This is mildly time consuming but not too bad. It’s also worth noting that Wizkids included an extra sticker sheet in case you mess up this part.

 Final Thoughts

I love flicking games so I may be a little biased here, but I had a lot of fun with this one! It moves at a fast pace and gives you just enough that you still want more when it's over. I also liked how the ship special abilities broke some of the rules of flicking games and did something a little different.
I did have some minor gripes with what I think is a bit of a misfire on the theme and the game probably won't sell anyone that’s not fond of flicking games. However, these are minor quibbles. Overall this game is very well produced and fun to play. So, if you’re a flicking fan, you better keep your phasers locked on this one!


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