Super Mario Maker 2 Review - Architecture 201 In The Mushroom Kingdom

Super Mario Maker 2 Review - Architecture 201 In The Mushroom Kingdom

Quick Glance: Super Mario Maker 2 by Nintendo

  • Platform - Nintendo Switch

  • Players – 1-2

  • Achievements – N/A

  • Retail Price - $59.99

High Level Premise – Join Mario and Luigi in creating your very own levels in the Super Mario universe.

Graphics/Style – As all Mario games are these are brightly colored. Graphics span from the original 1985 title to Super Mario 3D World on the Nintendo Wii U.

Music/Soundtrack – The standard Super Mario tracks are all here, and some brand new ones and remixes are included as well.

Story – There is a story mode where Peach’s castle is accidentally destroyed and Mario must earn coins to rebuild it.

Replay-ability – High - The possibilities are endless. From creating your own levels to playing user created levels, there is a ton of Mario entertainment in this small package.

Time Commitment – This really is up to you. Once you get through the tutorials, building lasts as long as you want to keep building. The story mode will last several hours, and user uploaded levels seem infinite.

Value – Very High - With a seemingly endless amount of levels to explore, this game never gets boring for the Super Mario Bros. fan.

Favorite Element – Slopes. It’s the biggest complaint of the original Super Mario Maker, and Nintendo listened. Create basic hills or giant mountains to your heart’s content.

In a followup to one of the most popular Nintendo Wii U titles ever released, Super Mario Maker 2 is here on the Nintendo Switch and is ready for you to get creative. Just like the previous title in this series, the player has the ability to utilize assets from various Super Mario games to create your own levels. These levels can then be played by yourself endlessly, or if you have a Nintendo Online account, you can upload your creations for others to play. Sample uploaded levels from other players around the globe to test out their wacky Super Mario Maker 2 creations.

Cat Mario is now available to use in Super Mario Maker 2!

It’s really no surprise that this series has been such a big hit. Super Mario Bros. is easily one of the most iconic franchises in the world across any gaming platform. By giving players the chance to experience both creating and downloading other user’s creations presents a near infinite amount of replay value. Game assets can be selected from the original Super Mario Bros., Super Mario Bros. 3, Super Mario World, New Super Mario Bros. U, and Super Mario 3-D World giving a wide selection of eras for players to design with. All of your favorite baddies are here and some you may have even forgotten about!

The wackiness is what does it for me in these titles. I didn’t know I needed a giant Goomba to bounce around in a giant green Kuribo’s shoe, but here we are. The combinations of elements that Super Mario Maker 2 allows players to utilize in their levels is insanely entertaining. Lots of new elements have been added as well such as the ability to have a theme added to your level such as desert, forrest, or snow. There are also a few secrets that I don’t want to reveal here, but two long forgotten power-ups are also hidden away within the game.

Couch Co-op in multiplayer mode makes for an interesting dynamic.

In the single player mode, there are 100 levels created by Nintendo for you to complete. Most of these highlight a specific feature of the game. One level for instance focuses on finding keys to open doors to the goal post. Another features the angry sun from Super Mario Bros. 3 who chases Mario around as he navigates the level. In the on-line Course World mode, Mario can go on an endless run of levels, until he runs out of lives. One of my favorite new features to the Course World is the ability to downvote levels that could be inappropriate, glitchy, or otherwise unenjoyable. This endless mode literally allows an infinite supply of Mario platforming goodness, something that I very much enjoy. Because of this the replay value is off the charts, and one that will be revisited for a very long time. There is also a multi-player mode where players can utilize couch co-op to both design and play through levels.

Place almost anything that you can imagine in Super Mario Maker 2.

My children are enjoying the game as well. They love throwing their favorite characters into a level and giving them special powers such as flight or gigantism. Running through the story mode has been a treat as well, as these are crafted wonderfully and really show what the game has to offer. Overall Super Mario Maker 2 is a wonderful trip down memory lane and great for fans of all things Mario. The endless amount of possibilities allows staying power for the game to stay within our Nintendo Switch system for years to come.

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