Letter GO! Review - by WizKids

Letter GO! Review - by WizKids

Quick Glance - Letter Go!- WizKids

  • Game Type – Party

  • Number of Players – 3 – 6

  • Mechanics – Spelling, Drawing

  • Difficulty to learn – Easy

  • Release – 2018

  • MSRP - $24.99

  • Recommended for fans of – Letter Tycoon, Scrabble, Pictomania


I suck at spelling. No mincing words here, I can’t spell my way out of a paper bag (I’m not very good with idioms either…). I still enjoy word games though. It’s always a nice mental exercise and who cares about winning if you’re having a good time? It’s also worth noting that my girlfriend loves word games, so we end up trying a lot of them and I don’t think I’ve had as much fun with any of them as I’ve had with Letter GO!


In this game players score points by being the fastest to spell words using letter cards on the table. Each player has a dry erase board and marker to write their words on and two consonant cards which are hidden under their board till the round starts. In addition, there are scoring markers and vowel cards equal to the number of players in the middle of the table.

When all players are ready, someone flips a sand timer and all players reveal their consonants. Players then have till the sand timer runs out to spell a minimum four-letter word with the cards on the table (except their own). When they finish they take a score marker and then, in that order, get to take the letter cards in their word. These cards are worth different points and the most points at end game wins and that’s it…

Oh, what’s that? Oh right, I forgot the best part, THE RULE CARDS!

This game would be pretty bland if it was just spelling words quick, what sets it apart are the rule cards. Each round you add two random rule cards that players must follow in addition to spelling their word or they get no points. These rules vary pretty widely but are all really fun. Here are some examples of rules you might draw:

·      House: Each letter in your word needs a place to live. You must draw a house for each one.

·      Notary: You must write your signature on the player to your right’s answer board before grabbing a scoring token.

·      Quake: You must draw wobbly letters as though you are in an earthquake.


The rules are simple enough that they could have explained them on a two-sided sheet, but they put together a really nice-looking rule book with lots of examples and pictures. Everything is written plainly and explained clearly. They even included a page with variants! I love when publishers do this!


Well even though this game is pretty much theme-less, they still managed to inject a little theme into it. Each of the rules cards has a letter on it and the challenge is associated with that letter (H = house, N = Notary, etc.). It’s not much, but with a game like this it’s still pretty cool.

Letter Go! components


Here I am reviewing yet another game where you just shuffle some cards and start playing. Pretty straightforward.


The components couldn’t be better. The cards are all nice quality, the scoring tokens are larger then they needed to be (I’m not complaining!) to make them easy to grab, and the graphic design really pops. I’d also just like to add that I’m always pleased by how sturdy WizKids makes their game boxes. Crushed corners and torn edges annoy me to no end, but WizKids makes their boxes strong enough to endure being piled under other games or thrown in the back of your car to take to a friend’s house.

Final Thoughts

It’s pretty obvious that I greatly enjoyed Letter GO!, but I just want to make it perfectly clear that this isn’t just a good game, it’s a FANTASTIC game! On every level this a winner. It’s easy to teach, quick enough that you can play several games in a row, and of course, ridiculously fun to play. I haven’t played a single game of this where everyone wasn’t laughing at some point, and unlike some other party games it’s well designed game, not just a one note joke. WizKids has knocked it out of the park with this one and at $25 you have no excuse to add it to your collection!

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