Farm Together - Review

Farm Together - Review

Quick Glance: Farm Together

  • Platform - PS4 (reviewed), Xbox One, PC

  • Players – 1-16

  • Achievements – Yes, trophies

  • Retail Price - $19.99

High Level Premise – Farming Simulator

Graphics/Style – Colorful & vibrant animations are fitting for a game that doesn’t take itself too seriously

Music/Soundtrack – A series of catchy guitar & folk tracks play throughout your time in the fields

Story – None!  Grab some friends and watch your backyard farm become an empire!

Replay-ability – Very High – Countless quests, special events, online lobbies and a platinum trophy bring a lot to the table

Time Commitment – 10-25 hours for platinum dependent on your style and player count

Value – Very High!  Countless hours of fun await those looking for a fun yet relaxing simulator that is bound to hook you & your friends

Favorite Element – Your farm grows in real-time, turn on your game after work and reap the benefits of what you planted the day before!

As the title states, Farm Together is certainly a game that is best enjoyed with friends.

Sean Says:

            Farming Simulators aren’t for everyone.  Pacing can often be slow, actions become repetitive, quests are too similar in nature, and they can fail to hook you in time before losing your interest.  If you are one who finds them to be a bore fest, I beg you to grab some friends and give Farm Together a fighting chance. 

            Milkstone Studios latest simulator Farm Together takes that tired & true formula, and eliminates all of the frustrating progress inhibiting factors that many find to be turn-offs for the genre.  Gone are the burdening natural disasters and weather-related crisis scenarios.  Farm Together offers a fun, easy & relaxing way to participate among your favorite farming tasks, all within the company of others in the online world.  This focus on working together serves as a gratifying experience for a group of up to 16 players, all of which can work together to complete a series of quests which vary in scale.  These quests require a set amount of crops to be harvested, which naturally allows progression through currency to purchase further crops and unlock new items for use on your farm.

Allow your crops to grow in real-time, or burn the midnight oil!

            The simple & easy to learn interface is one of this games best qualities.  Everything is laid out for you in periodic table style, and broken down into appropriate categories.  Quests can be pinned to your screen for you and the rest of the lobby to see what the current focus is going to be.  The level of accessibility this game offers to all players is mind-blowing, considering the complexity of most games similar in nature.

            Farming in real-time is one of my favorite features here.  Need a crop that takes several days to grow before it can be harvested?  Come back when it’s time, or give it some in-game attention to speed up the process.  Gareth and I found that most crops take a fraction of the time necessary if they are closely monitored during a play session with someone on watering duty.  This whole aspect of rewarding the player for their in-game time is addicting, and makes it hard to find a place to call it quits for the night.  During the early days of this review, we found ourselves playing far later than we initially agreed to, as there was always that “one more thing” to do somewhere on the farm.

            Visually, the game looks great.  Everything on your farm is whimsically animated like a Pixar Film.  The only real complaint I’m able to identify is that the game doesn’t appear to have any enhanced features on a PS4 Pro – the jaggies make me believe that the game runs natively around 1080p on the console.  At the time of this review, the description within the Xbox version of the game states that it is One X enhanced, so I’m unsure if there is a big difference between the two consoles.  This is simply a small inconvenience given that I have a Pro and a decent 4k television.

Farm Together is the game that has surprised me the most this year, and stands as my current GOTY at just 5 months in.The amount of polish that’s gone into this one is unmatched by anything I’ve played this far in 2019, and simply does so much right.Since receiving the review code, I’ve been back to the farm between countless other games simply because I wanted to be, and my trophy card proves it. It’s rare when a video game hooks you to a degree where it crosses your mind throughout the day, after a long nights play session.The evenings spent playing this one is some of the most fun I’ve had all year on my PS4, and I highly recommend it to gamers of all walks of life.

Weather impacts the growth of your crops!

Gareth Says:

            So where are we landing? I ask Sean in preparation for the latest iteration of Battle Royale. Oh wait, this is a nice change of pace!  I will start out by saying Stardew Valley became one of my favorite games of all time. However I am not here to compare between the two because while they are both farming simulators, they offer very different experiences.

            Farm Together is just that - a game best played with friends, farming together. The pop in and drop out experience works well. Also specific settings for your visitors ability to modify and do things is a nice way to keep your farm safe from getting messed with.

            Starting off slowly it quickly expands more and more. You gain access to new crops, live stock, new areas, new buildings, etc. The farming starts to become second to decorating and streamlining your farm.  I did feel like the game was almost modeled as F2P but ended up deciding to go the traditional route. Crops are timed, then harvested for money, to buy things to make farming easier, to get more money, while leveling up and getting gems to unlock decorations and new areas. It has "buy 500 diamonds for $1.99" written all over it. Not saying that traditional or F2P is better than the other, just an observation.

Create & share some snaps of your creation using the included photo mode.

            Playing alone with the little time I had couldn't keep my attention long. With that being said, I found myself turning the game on here and there to do a little farming and plant crops that take days. This way I could come back at my leisure and farm them when I could. Crops don't die, neither do livestock. So that makes it casual in a good way. For someone busy like me, there would be nothing more heartbreaking than turning it on to realize my last session was wasted.

The game is fun and the possibilities for your farm layout are endless. The quests encourage you to plant new things and unlocking new ways to make money is always fun. This one is well worth the asking price for those looking for something to casually play on and off with friends. 

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