Warhammer 40,000 Dice Masters:  Space Wolves Team Pack Explored

Warhammer 40,000 Dice Masters: Space Wolves Team Pack Explored


Hello again! I’m back and ready to review the second of two new Dicemasters 40k team packs. If you missed the review of the Ork team pack you can find it here. Today I get to talk about the totally awesome space robot mummies, the Necrons! Oh wait, what’s that, you say? There are no Necrons? Just another Space Marine variant, the Space Wolves? *SIGH*  Well the Space Wolves are one of the cooler Space Marine chapters, so let’s dive in and take a look at the pack!


Starting at the cheap end, we’ve got the Grey Hunter: a die with all 2-cost cards. Each card is good at pushing damage through in a different way, with none better then Son of Russ. A 2-cost die with decent attack and deadly is incredibly useful and it would be hard not to include four in your force.


Sky Claw is also great at pushing damage--specifically through punishing blockers with its global ability. Berserker is the stand-out here. It either gets blocked, kills the enemy die, and sets up a strong following turn, or it whittles away your opponent’s life through a thousand cuts.


On the subject of whittling your opponent’s life away, Wolf Guard Terminator is also pretty good at that. I love Chosen Protector. It either pings your opponent to death, or forces them to make bad blocks. Why are so many of these so good at picking away at the other player? Aren’t Space Wolves supposed to be ripping people's throats out? Not play “why are you hitting yourself?”


Well, I guess if you want to rip someone’s throat out, take a look at Wulfen. This guy is a moderately-cost die that allows you to spin it up in various ways depending on the card you take. It’s not exciting, but it’s still pretty solid.


Okay, now we get to some of the real beaters in this force. Venerable Dreadnaught has a pretty hefty backend and a smattering of abilities that power up your other die. I like anything that lets you blitz so Battleworn Veteran is the obvious pick here. Although giving all your active die Range 1 for a cost of 4 is pretty insane too. This wall of gears is defiantly one of the better cards in the force.


Thunderwolf Cavalry, on the other hand, is a little less impressive. He’s got decent stats, and two cards that pump your team, but nothing amazing about him. He serves a role, but nothing much to write home about.


Next to last, but not least, we get to the high-end bruisers. Space Wolf Predator gives you some nice stats and some abilities that allow you to get dice into play--either free, or at a discount. It’s a little random, but Weapons Platform is a blast to play with and leads to some blowout moments.


Sadly, we end on a weak note with Logan Grimnar. High cost, okay stats, and un-exciting abilities make him the worst die in the set. He’s not unplayable, but he’s also probably the last Space Wolf you’ll end up fielding.

All in all, I really like this set. Lack of variety in forces aside, WizKids has done a great job bringing Warhammer 40k to Dicemasters--both thematically and mechanically. I really do hope they start giving players an option to buy a full set of four dice with these things, but other than that, they’ve done a fantastic job here. I’m looking forward to see where they go next with this line. Hopefully, it’ll be away from any sort of Space Marine.

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