Warhammer 40,000 Dice Masters: Orks – WAAAGH! Team Pack Explored

Warhammer 40,000 Dice Masters: Orks – WAAAGH! Team Pack Explored


A while back, I reviewed the Warhammer 40k Dicemasters big box set. I think WizKids did a good job at capturing the feel of the universe, but was a little bummed at the choice of forces with Space Marines or…uhhhhh...evil Space Marines. Thankfully, though, we now have two new forces! Today, I’ll be looking at the beloved fan favorite Orks and tommorow in part 2 I’ll look another well loved faction.


We’ll start by looking at the classic Ork troop, Da Ork Boys! These guys all benefit from rushing into combat. Shoota and Rockkit let you bring their die back into play if KO’d under special circumstances, and Slugga gives you bonuses for swarming. All of these abilities are pretty decent for a 2-cost die. Speaking of swarm, though, it’s odd to me that not a single Ork Boy card has the actual swarm ability. You’d think it would be a given for cannon fodder like this.


We do, however, get a 3-cost swarm with Ork Nob’s Kustom Shoota. He’s got pretty decent stats so it’s a fine card if you have 4 Ork Nob dice. My pick for Ork Nob, though, would have to be power claw. Any card that lets you get things into play for free is usually worth the price of admission.


Next up, we’ve got a couple of machine-powered Orks with Warbiker and Stormboyz. Warbiker’s cards all allow you to avoid various abilities and damage, and are useful in different situations. I think that Speed Freeks is far and away the best of them, though. Being immune to opposing action die and abilities will almost always be useful.


Speaking of global abilities, two of the Stormboyz cards have the very strong ability to give a character Range 1 once per turn. This can be pretty strong in concert with other range die, but I’d have to go with the only card without that ability, Da Vulcha Skwad. This dude blasts an opposing die when fielded, and with multiples, you could easily sweep in for the kill late game.


Now let’s take a look at a couple of da big bois. All three of Ghazghkul Thraka’s cards give you ways to sacrifice your own dice to deal more damage. Giant Ork Warlord is the priciest of the three, but has the ability to just end the game if he connects in combat--assuming you have enough canon fodder to KO that is.


Mogrok, on the other hand, is all about that defense. He’s got several abilities, including two globals that allow you to pump your die and The Red Waagh card is great at letting you set up giant attacks.


Did I say we were at the big bois in the last section? Because now we’re at the biggest boi! The Stompa, which in Warhammer 40k lore is a towering gigantic titan, is an absurdly priced die that has two abilities that just KO enemy die when fielded. These super high cost dice are great if you can get them out before dying, but, in my opinion, just aren’t worth the trouble.


Battlewagon is a much less overwhelming, but much cheaper, die. Heavy Troop Transport is a fantastic addition to any range-centric force. With enough range dice, it could be the centerpiece to your entire strategy.

All in all this is a pretty decent team pack! You get a nice variety of options and most die have at least two cards worth playing. Well now that we’ve covered the xenos menace, tomorrow we’ll be diging into some cards defending humanity. See you then!

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