Fairy Tile Review

Fairy Tile Review

Quick Glance: Fairy Tile by IELLO


Game Type: Tile Placement

Number of Players: 2-4

Mechanics: Board Building with objective completion

Difficulty: Light

Release: 2018

MSRP: $29.99

Introduction/Overview: Imagine a world where only your imagination is the limit of the world you build. The brave knight, beautiful princess, and intense dragon need your help! Coordinating efforts with the objectives placed before you, align all three characters on the board correctly to succeed. However, other players will thwart your efforts to complete your objectives by moving the knight, princess, and dragon to fulfill their own ambitions in Fairy Tile!

Fairy Tile is a world building tile placement game for two to four players. Each piece of the board consists of three conjoined hexagons that feature various land terrains. Players draw land tiles to build the board based on their current objective card. Then on their turn attempt to arrange some or all of the three characters on the appropriate terrain tiles by moving only a single character.

Rulebook: The rulebook is very colorful and pleasing to the eye. It is short and sweet as the game is not very rule heavy. It does provide examples of what an appropriate and invalid move is within the game. There should be no questions or clarification about rules after successfully finishing the reading of the rulebook.

Theme: The classic “fairy tale” theme of the knight, the princess, and the dragon is tried and true. The art on the cards and tiles are both wonderfully done in a classical sense, and feels like pages a story book.

Set-Up/Takedown: Set-up is very easy, even children will have no problem setting up this game. Create the starting hex land arrangement as shown in the rulebook. Place the knight, princess, and dragon on the appropriate starting hex as stated in the rule book, almost equidistant from each other. Shuffle your objective cards and your land tiles and place them in a pile. Deal out your objective cards to each player.

Components: The components are wonderfully done, the three miniatures have great detail and are very colorful. The tiles are made of heavy cardboard stock, similar to hex tiles from The Settlers of Catan. Cards are standard glossy card stock and are also very colorful. Everything is very appeasing to the eye.

Solo-Play: N/A

Final Thoughts: Fairy Tile is a wonderful introductory board game that is perfect for families. Children will be able to easily understand the concept, rules, and mechanics of the game. Turns are very simplistic and take little time to assess your move and execute. Gamers used to heavier games may see Fairy Tile as not worth their time, but that’s not the audience this is aimed towards. People looking for a light pre-game warm-up or something to share with their children will love Fairy Tile and definitely should seek this one out as soon as possible.

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