Castle Panic: Dark Titan Expansion Review

Castle Panic: Dark Titan Expansion Review

Castle Panic: Dark Titan Expansion


Game Type – Cooperative
Number of Players – 1-6
Mechanics – Hand Management, Tactical card based battling
Difficulty – Easy
Release – 2015
MSRP - $14.95


Castle Panic is a favorite of Gaming with Swag. The game’s first expansion, The Wizard’s Tower, is already a permanent addition to every play-through of Castle Panic. The Dark Titan is the second expansion for the game, adding new cards, new mechanics and a frightening new boss.


Castle Panic Dark Titan Board Game
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In the base game of Castle Panic players use a hand of cards to cooperatively fend off an ever growing horde of monsters that encircle your castle in an attempt to keep your precious fortifications intact until the end of the game. This isn’t always easy to do. Monster tokens are placed on the board in the outside ring at full strength. As they take damage you simply spin the token down to a lower health value until they are defeated, simple and clever. Meanwhile they all move one ring closer to your castle after each turn. This makes for a tense and tactical battle that is a joy to play.

The Dark Titan expansion adds new monsters, various support characters, a few cards and a powerful boss that ramps up the challenge, even for veteran players. Let’s start with the boss who is named Agranok. He is not simply pulled randomly from a bag like the rest of the monsters. He is set aside and, in his place, Heralds are added to the bag. As Heralds are pulled, they are placed on the Agranok card until the third Herald finally unlocks Agranok. This creates a sense of anticipation while you wait for the Big Bad. He is an eight health monster which is bad enough, but he also has special abilities that make this the biggest challenge yet.

You will also find some supporting characters like the Cavalier who roams the board attacking monsters; and a Support Wagon that moves just like a monster but must be protected until it reaches the castle, only then can you gain its benefit. Finally, this expansion adds some monsters with new abilities which increase difficulty.


As with other Fireside Games rulebooks this one is laid out clearly with pictures and charts, and even includes a section that comments on The Dark Titan’s compatibility with The Wizard’s Tower expansion.


Production standards are in line with the base game. The Dark Titan includes a standee for the Cavalier and I always feel disappointed when I see one, hoping it were a miniature instead. But in most cases standees are used in order to keep costs down, which I understand and appreciate.

Final Thoughts

This expansion is a welcome addition to world of Castle Panic and it may stay in play just like the first expansion. There is no need to remove one in order to play the other, they are completely compatible and complement each other well. New mechanics like Supports, which must be protected, change up the strategy and decisions. The new boss, along with additional monsters, ramps up difficulty. The Dark Tower balances the addition of new mechanics and increased difficulty without compromising the integrity and spirit of the base game. This is still a game that plays well with families or gaming groups looking for something fun, cooperative and medium weight. That’s why I recommend that you Buy This Now.

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