20XX Nintendo Switch Review

20XX Nintendo Switch Review

Quick Glance: 20XX

  • Platform: PS4, Nintendo Switch (Reviewed), PC, Xbox One
  • Players: 1-2 Local or Online
  • Achievements: Yes on PS4 and PC
  • Retail Price: $14.99

High Level Premise – Mega Man X meets a rogue-like adventure

Graphics/Style – 2-D Sprites that resemble Mega Man.

Music/Soundtrack – Chip tunes that sound like straight out of your Super Nintendo.

Story – Nina and Ace are hired to restore peace to the city from an army of evil robots.

Replay-ability – The procedurally generated levels gives quite the replay value to 20XX.

Time Commitment – 1-5 Hours, depending on how good you get, runs last anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour.

Value – $14.99 is not bad for a game that keeps on giving, although some of the sections feel repetitive, even if they aren't.

Favorite Element – Given the option after defeating a boss to either take their weapon or a different type of upgrade.

Some of the bosses in 20XX don't look or act like your typical Mega Man robot masters.

When I hear the term "rogue-like" I generally associate the word "punishing" with it. I am all about the randomization, but some games take it too far making the game painful. Luckily, 20XX has settings to make the game easier for guys like me that can't cut the slack when it comes to the difficulty. Mega Man has always been one of my favorite games, especially the famous Mega Man X which 20XX Is clearly inspired by. Mixing these elements together creates something challenging, but making playing worthwhile.

Unlike Mega Man, where you get to choose a particular level to explore and defeat a particular robot master, 20XX throws you right into the action. With a randomly generated level at the player's fingertips, you control Nina or Ace (Mega Man or Zero) and guide them through the random foray on your hero. As you progress you are given options as to where to go next until all eight bosses are defeated.

Platforming is essentially the same as in Mega Man X.

There are elements I really like in 20XX and one in particular I could live without. The "easy" mode setting gives the player three lives. This is great for someone like me who is used to the Mega Man formula, and quite frankly someone who dies a lot in video games. There also is a currency called soul chips which help unlock extra augments (think power-ups) for your character. Some of these can be permanent, which means the bonus stays with you during future runs. This sense of progression is something I look forward to in a rogue-like game as the "one and done" can get extremely frustrating, especially if the game is not very user friendly.  However, I do have one solid gripe with 20XX. Even while playing on the easiest difficulty, as soon as you reach the fourth level or so, the game ramps up the difficulty to an extreme.  In fact, I have not made it past this point in the game very often for that very reason. I feel as though that is a bit of a punishment for doing well, instead of having the real challenge come later in the game after the eight bosses are defeated.

Typical ice levels will always give you platforming troubles.

Overall, 20XX is a worth title to add to your digital library. As played on the Nintendo Switch, it was very welcomed to play the game in handheld mode while my wife was watching one of her drama shows on a streaming service. Most other platforms don't have a portable option, and another reason why the Switch becomes my go to platform over and over again. 20XX is great for short bursts of gameplay, I think my longest run clocked in just under an hour. If you are a fan of the Mega Man series or just like action based rogue-like games, this one is definitely for you.

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