Super Bomberman R: Shiny Edition - PlayStation 4 Review

Super Bomberman R: Shiny Edition - PlayStation 4 Review

Quick Glance: Super Bomberman R: Shiny Edition

  • Platform: PS4 (reviewed), Xbox One, Switch, PC
  • Players: 1-4 local, 1-8 online
  • Achievements: Yes-trophies
  • Retail Price: $39.99

High Level Premise – Action

Graphics/Style – Classic Bomberman now rendered in detailed 2.5D worlds

Music/Soundtrack – All of your favorite Bomberman music & sounds have been remixed for this modern installment

Story – Seek out The Five Dastardly Bombers on your journey to save Planet Bomber from The Evil Emperor Buggler and his army of villains.

Replay-ability – Moderate – There’s a decent amount of items that can be unlocked using the in-game credit system, which requires a bit of grinding

Time Commitment – 5-20 hours, as the game is purely skill dependent

Value – Moderately High:  Longtime fans of the series will appreciate the love & polish that has gone into this installment of Bomberman.  The collection of unlockables, trophies, and a robust multiplayer will keep the veterans coming back for their fix

Favorite Element – Bridges, stairs, and 3D terrain make a grand return!

3D environments add more fun & variety to the campaign when compared to the series predecessors

            Released as a timed exclusive for the launch of the Nintendo Switch, Super Bomberman R returns to the remaining consoles in the form of the new & improved “Shiny Edition”.  While this simply means the addition of 9 character skins, Konami has since furthered its support with the addition of new game mode rules, themed levels, and even new characters – including Solid Snake and Naked Snake, voiced by none other than David Hayter himself!  While these bells & whistles are a welcomed addition, the newest installment in this iconic series ultimately brings us more of that classic explosive action that we’ve all grown to love over the years.

            Your classic campaign returns, complete with a story and half-decent anime cut scenes which help to make the single player adventure meaningful.  This time around, the environments are presented in a gorgeous 2.5D overhead view.  As such, the controls can be cumbersome if you opt to play using the D-pad, which can be an adjustment for long-time players of the series.  Thankfully, the return of bridges, ladders and tiered levels from the days of the SNES Super Bomberman titles make the trade-off more than worthwhile.  These add an element of strategy and depth to each board, making them more sophisticated than the flat terrains that many previous installments within the series contain.  Boss battles are challenging, and will likely take multiple attempts to master.  Unfortunately, gems must be spent to purchase continues, which happens to be the same in-game credit system that is used to purchase additional skins, multiplayer levels, and other in-game goodies.  The good news is that gems are rewarded for just about everything you do, so obtaining them for the sake of progressing in the campaign shouldn’t come across as too taxing.

Boss Fights can be challenging and will require a degree of trial & error.

            Multiplayer in Super Bomberman R is realized in the classic overhead style, and certainly plays more comfortably when compared to the campaign.  As a result, controls will seem familiar to long-time fans.  There was noticeable slowdown at one point during the online experience, however it was likely an isolated incident due to a poor network connection.  Being able to purchase new multiplayer boards using gems makes grinding for the in-game currency quite rewarding, as it gives the mode more variety.  Here’s hoping that Konami continues to add more of them to the store over-time as a gesture to maintain an active and thriving online community.  Local Co-op plays like a dream, and while the PS4 version only supports 4-players offline (likely due to console limitations), online still supports the expected 8-player battles that we’ve come to love over the years.  3 vs 3 online League battles are additionally offered for those seeking a more competitive experience in line with competition e-sports.

Bomberman returns with an explosive multiplayer mode!

            In the end, Super Bomberman R takes the best that the iconic series has offered among previous installments, and gives it a facelift for the current generation.  There’s no denying that “R” is the most polished and feature-filled addition to the series that we’ve received in a while, however it doesn’t quite retain the charm we experienced for the first time all of those years ago.  Playing the original Super Bomberman and Saturn Bomberman on their respective platforms was truly something magical back in the day, and to many a game-changing experience with its addictive gameplay and multi-tap compatibility.  It’s nice to see Konami offering continuous support to the game since its Switch release, especially with the utilization of famous IP’s like Metal Gear and the console exclusive character skins.  With its easy-to-access yet challenging campaign, robust multiplayer, and organized league play, there’s a lot to love in this package for both new-comers and series veterans alike.


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