Star Wars Destiny Cards to pair with the "Way of the Force" upgrade

Star Wars Destiny Cards to pair with the "Way of the Force" upgrade

I wrote in a piece leading up to the release of the Way of the Force set for Star Wars Destiny that I really liked an upgrade called "Way of the Force" because it opened up pairing options assuming the character had dice that were comparable or better than a 3 cost upgrade. The card allows you to use a single die version of a character that you can make elite with this upgrade later.  Traditionally, other than Sabine Wren and the SoR Palpatine very few characters that cost 18 or more at elite are competitive which makes a bunch of popular characters somewhat useless because their pairing options tend to be weaker or very limited.  However, with this upgrade perhaps we can repair the value on some of these characters. 

Here I pitch some pairings I have played with or schemed up with our contributor George. 


1. K-2SO

I loved K2 in Rogue One and when he came out as a 15/20 character with a cool but limiting ability I knew it would be tough to make him work.  I tried a few pairings like the original Rey and did reasonably well but it is a tenous thing to ramp up K-2SO before he dies since he is the obvious target.  But if you take him with a single die and pair him with the new Luke Skywalker you have 24 points of health and several high damage and shield sides.  Luke is the bigger opening threat and so K2SO lives long enough to get weapons "bestow"ed, "equip"ped, and redeployed launching him back into action to finish the game. The deck can use "Synchronicity" on every turn for rare hero damage from hand and can have great economy with "It Binds All Things" or "Reaping the Crystal" plays.


2. Kallus

Kallus looked like a beast when he dropped, but his pairing with Mother Talzin wasn't ideal and no other pairing worked much better and he never really got traction in the meta despite 4 damage sides and a useful Power Action. Taking him one die at 14 though can pair him with the new Fifth Brother for a devastating combo of power.  Fifth Brother is very scary and has to be the early target and if/when he dies ("Rise Again" or "Dark Ritual") Kallus has 12 health to finish out the match. Playing "Way of the Force" is a worthy 3 cost upgrade so you get those damage sides and have another die that you can use the Power Action on if you need to pair it with the modified sides from the Fifth Brother's or Maul's Sabers you probably put in this deck. 


3. Darth Vader

The original big bad villain perhaps could come roaring back in a single die form paired with the ever sneaky Seventh Sister and with her seeker droid you can still get a 4 die start. Vader's ability works just as well with a single die, and if they decide to still focus on killing him first we know that Sister can bring the heat especially with how much you can ramp her up by the time they eat through his 13 health. 

4. General Grievous 

The new Grievous looked scary but the likelyhood of him living long enough to get 4 weapons played on him didn't look likely.  However, with a single die your opponent may decide to wipe out Seventh Sister or whoever you decided to pair with him first giving you more time to load him up.  You may not want to play "Way of the Force" if you go for the 4 weapon trick, but if you just want to load him with weapons or utilize his Wheel Bike you can enjoy making him elite later.


5. Mace Windu

I think Mace is a borderline selection.  At 16 for a single die he may still be the focus of your opponent's damage and therefore not live long enough to get that second die out. But maybe pairing with a strong 14 cost like the new Cassian and loading them up with the upgrades and putting something like Force Illusions on Mace you can pressure them to aim for the partner first allowing him to finish which his ability and die makes quite possible. 


As a final note it should be noted that Way of the Force can provide an opportunity to build a deck that can have two good characters to play the new Dark Saber card on where you can get the 15 or 20 bonus on either character making that Legendary card even better in those decks.  

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