Top 10 Games We Want To See On The PlayStation Classic

Top 10 Games We Want To See On The PlayStation Classic

Sony keeps circulating Rumors that a PlayStation Classic system might be coming soon. With the giant success of the Nintendo NES and Super NES classic systems, there is no surprise that Sony wants to get a piece of the retrogaming action. Here is my short list for the top ten games that MUST be on this system. I'm talking stone cold original PlayStation classics that it would be a shame for any version of this to miss. Follow along, and let me know if you think I missed something that is desert island worthy.

1. Syphon Filter

One of the best action adventure games on the platform, Syphon Filter made waves back in 1999 with a third-person stealth action that rivaled another big contender on our list! Focusing on special agent Gabe Logan and his quest to unravel the tangled plot of a biological terrorist and the Syphon Filter virus. This game was known for it being extremely polished and featuring exotic locations and gadgets for the player to discover. 

2. Hot Shots Golf

Known as "Everybody's Golf" in Japan, the Hot Shots Golf series is known for it's easy to use control scheme and brightly colored environments. The game contained various modes of golf including a mini-golf course. Also a first-party release, there should be no licensing issues getting this one onto the PlayStation classic, unlike say Tiger Woods PGA Golf by EA Sports.


3. Crash Team Racing

Crash Bandicoot had the answer to Mario Kart in the form of Crash Team Racing. Combining colorful visuals with cartoon racing, this was a must have title for those who weren't able to acquire Mario Kart 64 on the rival platform. The only issue porting this over would be 4-player option, unless somehow Sony sold a multi-tap or provided four controller ports!?! Regardless, this title is the best casual racer every available for the platform.

4. Twisted Metal 2

Although multiplayer vehicular combat was somewhat present in the battle mode of the aforementioned Super Mario Kart, Twisted Metal 2 perfected the genre. Featuring all kinds of different vehicles in styles, everything from a demented Ice Cream truck to a modified heavy loader. The weapon power ups and turbo boosting combined with exotic locales like the Eiffel Tower really set this title apart from other imitators.

5. Tekken 3

Arguably the best fighter on the system, this fighter featured over 23 characters to choose from. Sporting some of the best graphics on the system, no other fighter including the popular Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat series ever saw the level of success of Tekken 3. Animations were smooth, and controls are tight on this brawler that is not to be missed.

6. Final Fantasy VII

There isn't really too much more to say about this notorious title. It's the best Role Playing Game on the system, and no other matches the popularity of Final Fantasy VII. Cloud, Tifa, and Sephiroth would all we welcomed with open arms onto the PlayStation classic system. The only trick would be to format this title from a 3-disc game into something streamlined, similar to the PC version.

7. Castlevania: Symphony of the Night

THE game that took this franchise to a whole new level. Play as Alucard and fight your way through Dracula's massive castle and gain weapons, armor, and spells to assist you in your quest. Finish the game and then realize that you are only half way done, you now must fight through a harder, inverted castle to get out of that nightmare. Castlevania: Symphony of the Night is a true classic in every sense, this game MUST be on the PlayStation Classic.

8. Gran Turismo 2

If you wanted a racing simulator, look no further. Gran Turismo 2 features over 650 cars with all familiar name brands of makes and models. Customize your vehicle in various different ways and race it against a friend or the computer. The original game was truly ahead of it's time, but the sequel improves upon this magical formula in every way possible, expanding the game to new heights. Truly the best racing simulation game on the original PlayStation.

9. PaRappa The Rapper

When this game first came out, I will be honest, I didn't get it. A cartoon dog rapping made absolutely no sense to me. However, over time this rhythm game has grown on me to become one of the most addicting titles on the system. PaRappa The Rapper has spawned may sequels and imitators, but nothing compares to the original. The tight controls and slick beats make this one the top dog of PlayStation rhythm games.

10. Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo

I know what you are thinking, why this one? Well, if I were to pick one puzzle game on the system, this one would be my top pick. A neat take on the genre, "fight" against an opponent by clearing as many blocks as possible. An addicting game on its own, having the Street Fighter crew to make an appearance just sweetens the deal. Besides Tetris Plus, Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo might be the most popular puzzler on the system.

BONUS GAME. Ape Escape

To make this work, Sony would have to ship the Sony PlayStation Classic with the Dual Shock controller, as this game requires it. 3D Platforming has never been more fun, chasing crazy apes around with a net never gets old. Ape Escape pushes the system to its limits, providing the player with bright colors, excellent music, and intuitive controls. Out of all the action platformers out there on the system, this would be my pick to show off just what the PlayStation was made of. 

Honorable Mentions

  • Metal Gear Solid - This is a stone cold classic, but my feeling is that Sony would follow Nintendo's suit and make the Sony PlayStation Classic system a family-friendly device to sell more units. I love me some Metal Gear Solid, but I think this one gets cut due to the Mature rating.
  • Medievil - A great platformer by all means, but not as fun or has the mass appeal as Ape Escape.
  • Cool Boarders 2 - One of the best extreme sports games out there, this definitely has a chance of making it into the final product.
  • Jet Moto 2 - Just like Cool Boarders 2 above, this most likely will be seen in the final product.
  • Resident Evil 2: Dual Shock Edition - The same reason as Metal Gear Solid above, too violent for a mass appeal device.
  • Tomb Raider - Great series, definitely one of these has the chance to make the system.
  • Spyro The Dragon / Crash Bandicoot - Easily could include any of these, but with the remasters being sold (and coming soon) it might not be in Activision's best interest to do so.
  • Tenchu - The best ninja game on the system, this one shares the same fate as the other "M" rated titles.
  • Soul Blade - I truly love this game, but it doesn't have as much polish as Tekken 3 does.
  • Numerous RPGs - The Sony PlayStation has so many great RPGs like Alundra, Star Ocean, Vagrant Story, Legend of Legaia. It's hard to pick any of these over Final Fantasy VII, but all are still good in their own right.

Games You Will Never See on the PlayStation Classic

  • Any licensed sports game with professional team names and players - Madden, NBA Live all would be in this category as it is way too difficult and costly to renegotiate. Oh, and this goes for all of the professional Wrestling games as well.
  • Tony Hawk Pro Skater series - Another negotiation problem. All of the soundtracks to many of the extreme sports series would have to either be removed or renegotiated. Very unlikely that this would happen.

What do you think? What games would you add or replace from my list? Regardless, Sony may have something big to announce here regarding the Sony PlayStation Classic at the upcoming E3 2018, let's hope this is something we will see this holiday season!

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