Snow Fortress Review - PlayStation VR - A Romp In The Snow, Without The Cold

Snow Fortress Review - PlayStation VR - A Romp In The Snow, Without The Cold

Quick Glance: Snow Fortress

  • Platform: PS4 VR
  • Players – 1
  • Achievements – Yes, trophies
  • Retail Price - $14.99

High Level Premise – Engage in snowball fights with mad snowmen!

Graphics/Style – A variety of basic winter environments.  Could use more festive appeal.

Music/Soundtrack – Soft background music, almost in the holiday season fashion.

Story – N/A

Replay-ability – Moderate – it is fun to engage in Survival mode from time to time, however the campaign is short-lived.  Great title to bring out for first time VR users!

Time Commitment – 1-5 hours, solely skill dependent

Value – Moderate: While there isn’t a wealth of content here, Snow Fortress is a perfect example of how simple, yet fun a VR title can be

Favorite Element – Utilizing two PlayStation Move controllers as required, Snow Fortress controls like a dream!

Repair your fort inbetween waves of enemies in Survival mode!

Any good VR title must have three basic qualities for a player to remain engaged.  One – The game can’t be prone to causing motion sickness after average gaming sessions.  Two – The controls have to be easy & accessible to anyone picking up and playing.  Three – It’s got to be fun.  Thankfully, Snow Fortress does a remarkable job on most of these fronts, and comes close on a third.

As one of their first attempts in creating for the world of VR, Mythical City Games does well in bringing one of their popular virtual reality titles to light on the PlayStation VR platform.  Just in time for the Holidays and winter season, Snow Fortress arrives as one of the only snow ball fight video games on the market – a theme not commonly explored, likely due to the complexity of making it fun outside the realm of VR.  While the game lacks a wide variety of content, there is a lot of love in this pint-sized package.

Hiding in your fort is necessary to dodge incoming snowballs from your enemies!

The game contains two mode right from the start, with a third unlockable after meeting certain requirements.  Your standard campaign is issued in the form of “Snow Fort” mode, bringing the player a total of 20 levels, each with new objectives and increased difficulty.  While the earlier levels are easy to master, there is a spike in difficulty once the game introduces multiple foes, all of which are out to destroy you and your fort.  The second mode, “Survival”, serves as the more interesting of the two, and probably the most fun.  Waves of enemies must be defeated as they make their way closer to your fort, all the while hurling snow balls at you, causing damage to you and your structure!  You are given the opportunity to rebuild your base in between waves, allowing the player a short duration of time to rid of damaged blocks and add new.  It’s easy to lose hours of time with this mode, as you attempt to fare better as you become better at slinging snowballs, dodging incoming projectiles, and building your fort.  The best part about it, there isn’t enough erratic movement happening to cause much of a problem for those who easily get motion sickness from VR.

The controls are both a blessing and a curse.  The cost of admission is steep when you factor in the required two PlayStation Move controllers needed to play.  Make no mistake, Snow Fortress features some of the most solid VR controls around, being tight in response and easily accessible, so long as you have the necessary equipment.  There was never a moment when building a fort seemed like a chore, or throwing a bad snowball seemed anything other than my own mistake. All in all, this one is up there with some of the best and most satisfying controls on Sony’s VR platform.

While it’s on the short side, Snow Fort mode serves as a fun campaign for this VR Gem.

What’s difficult to grasp is the absence of a multiplayer mode.  With its great controls and easy to play mechanics, Snow Fortress shows potential in being an excellent multiplayer game with 2 or more additional players.  With their formula mastered in this release, perhaps successful sales could pave the way for Mythical City Games to bring about a multiplayer sequel in the future, however you can’t help but feel this was a missed opportunity.  As a single player offering, the game was a blast to play, even if it steers on the short side.  If you have the necessary means to play this title, Snow Fortress is bound to satisfy, and will surely serve as a great introduction to the world of VR to friends and family visiting over the winter months! "SNOWBALL FIGHT!" Relive your childhood by building forts and waging epic snowball fights in VR! Unlock tools to protect your fort and deliver a fury of snowballs at your opponents!

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