Guessing at the next wave of Star Wars Destiny Characters

Guessing at the next wave of Star Wars Destiny Characters

Star Wars Destiny has a new wave out called Legacies that brings some of our favorite characters like Yoda and Boba Fett into the fold.  It was the fourth set to be released outside of starter sets, but with the announcement that some sets will be phased out of certain types of competition it is likely that upcoming releases will be a mix of new versions of characters from the first few sets and characters that haven't existed yet.  They also have to balance having marquee names in each set so that those who are not die hard fans can see people they know and love. So here is my stab at predicting the next line way too early, which is not necessarily what I want but what I think makes sense. Typically each color gets 4 characters for both hero and villain with one being a non-unique so I followed that layout. I also tried to stay within the established new canon of Star Wars so some popular characters like Darth Nihilus didn't make the cut until Disney blesses them with canonization. 

Red Heroes

Dreaming about playing Force Throw

Dreaming about playing Force Throw

General Leia - This would be the 2nd version of Leia but instead of the young blaster wielding badass we get the Rebel leader.  Maybe they embrace The Last Jedi and let you play force powers on her. She was a simple rare the first time, I peg her for a Legendary.

Cassian Andor - The main holdout from Rogue One and the first "spy" in the game which could allow for an interesting ability for the design team.  Maybe get to look at your opponents hand upon activating so you have an idea of what is coming. 

Captain Rex - A specific Clone Wars character to pair with the Clone Troopers released in Legacies. Plus he is well loved by fans of the Clone Wars cartoon.

Team Leader (Gold Leader, etc) - A vehicle friendly character somewhere between the Rookie Pilot and Wedge in power or ability. And maybe we finally get an X-Wing vehicle to go with him.

Red Villains

Iden Versio

Iden Versio

Iden Versio - Since the new Battlefront 2 game is canon and cinematic lets bring the Inferno Squad leader in with her droid synergy. 

Inferno Soldier - I think we can skip any other specific characters from the squad but a higher cost red non-unique could be interesting.

Dr. Cylo - A presence in the comics who uses cybernetics to keep from dying, he could have a unique healing ability or a way to live on after defeat. My pick for the Legendary.

General Grievous/Veers - Both are early releases and see limited play so a new version could be worth doing. I put Grievous first because he is bigger in the movies and in the cartoons..

Yellow Heroes

Chewbacca - This was a Legendary in the Spirit of Rebellion wave and I think he gets a rare treatment and an ability that makes him more universally useful.

Nien Nunb - Eventually Nien joins the rebellion but to get the yellow classification we are leaning on his smuggling background and yellow heroes could use some overt vehicle synergy. 

Wicket - I think Ewoks come at some point as a hero version of a battle droid deck, but I think we get Wicket first and maybe he can lead an Ewok team if they come in the future.

DJ - A hacker of dubious ethics from The Last Jedi he would probably be Neutral like Hondo from Legacies and could have a unique special that messes with your opponent.

Yellow Villains 

Dengar or the Hound from Game of Thrones in space

Dengar or the Hound from Game of Thrones in space

Dengar - Another bounty hunter joins the fold. I pick this hunter to get the Legendary rarity.

Watto - Another resource generating machine, and perhaps a skill that works well with vehicles since he loves pod racers and ship parts.

Ponda Baba (Walrus Man) - Long before Obi-Wan cut off his arm this guy had a nose for trouble and disliking people for no apparent reason.

IG-RM - Thug droids similar to IG-88 that made an appearance in the cartoons.

Blue Heroes

The Bendu talking to Kanan

The Bendu talking to Kanan

Luminara - She is arguably the worst character in the game currently and here she gets a proper redo.

Kit Fisto - A new jedi that hopefully holds up better than he did against Palpatine in the prequels.

Architect Droid - Based on the cartoon character Huyang who teaches jedi to craft lightsabers these droids could have an interesting saber related ability.

The Bendu - A jedi who refuses to take a side in battle between light and dark he could be a neutral character with no damage sides but healing or heavy shields to make for an interesting support character. He would be the likely legendary.

Blue Villains


Snoke - Spoiler alert - he didn't last long in the movies, so release him now before he is forgotten entirely. 

Old Daka - An old nightsister who could apparently raise the dead. Maybe an ability based around that, but not super annoying and perhaps getting the Legendary rarity.

Elite Praetorian Guard - They had a great fight scene in The Last Jedi, and non-unique blue villains are getting thin.

Savage Oppress - Darth Maul's older yet lesser brother, maybe he can have a cost low enough to pair with his brother.



The last set had an extra yellow character so I am pulling an audible and adding a single Grey character. 

Rancor - I have pitched before to have another single character in the game other than the first Palpatine.  I think making him grey but super powerful would be interesting as he would have a very limited card pool, but maybe a sweet ability like his dice can be manipulated but not removed so he can be competitive. He would have to be legendary rarity.

So what do you think? Make your pitches in the comments.


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