Tiny Metal Review - Advance Wars Reimagined On Nintendo Switch

Tiny Metal Review - Advance Wars Reimagined On Nintendo Switch

Tiny Metal - Quick Glance

  • Platform: Nintendo Switch Reviewed, PC
  • Players: 1
  • Achievements: Yes
  • Steam Trading Cards: No
  • Controller Support: Yes, Full
  • Retail Price: $24.99

High Level Premise: Advance Wars with 3-D assets

Graphics/Style:  Anime characters with a military twist


Story: Lt. Nathan Gries needs to protect his country from the evil nation of Zipang

Replay-ability: Medium - There are only 20 missions to play, but to maximize your score will take multiple tries.

Time Commitment: Missions average around 15-20 minutes, with the later missions taking longer. Expect to clock around 10 hours for completing all missions.

Value: $24.99 is about right for 20 tactical, turn-based strategy missions.

Favorite Element: It plays almost identical to one of my favorite series, Advance Wars. And that's a great thing.

Write here...

Back when I was first getting into Game Boy Advance, my friend Nick suggested I try Advance Wars. I had heard of the series, but wasn't really too sure what it was all about. After sampling the first title, I have been hooked ever since! Strategizing the best path to take, building units, all within the palm of my hand. Today, the series has evolved on both console and portable, but we really haven't heard much from the "wars" series since 2008 when Advance Wars: Days of Ruin was released on the original Nintendo DS.


Luckily, despite Nintendo not progressing the series, Tiny Metal has emerged on the scene to quench that thirst that some of us have been having. Strategy games aren't super common these days on portable systems, which makes Tiny Metal automatically stand out.  The graphics and animations are beautiful, and the worlds provide a nice bold splash of color on your screen. You are Lieutenant Nathan Gries and it is your job to protect your people from the terrible army of Zipang. By using your cunning wit and military strategies, you will be victorious in saving the land.

Being familiar with Advance Wars, I had no issues diving right into Tiny Metal. The first thing I immediately noticed were the Japanese voices with subtitles.  Unfortunately, there is no way to turn these off completely. Selecting and controlling my units was a breeze, making it simple for me to move around the board and engage in combat at will.  Just like in Advance Wars, prior to combat a percentage is given to you based on your potential success (or failure) for an attack on a unit. This may entice you to rethink your strategy based on this new knowledge.  There also is away you can take two units and team up and do extra damage versus a single unit, but be aware so can your opponent!

Providing 20 missions, Tiny Metal is a great addition to the Nintendo Switch library. There are not many strategy games currently out for the system, and this one helps scratch that itch. For $24.99, you will go in an apprentice and come out feeling like a master at military strategy. I highly recommend this title for anyone looking for something different to play on the Nintendo Switch. If you are even remotely fond of games like Advance Wars of Fire Emblem, you should buy this title now! This is a title not to be missed on any level, and hopefully a physical copy releases via Limited Run Games or another entity so I can add Tiny Metal to my collection.

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