Board Game Basics – Misc Terms or “What the heck is a chit?!”

Board Game Basics – Misc Terms or “What the heck is a chit?!”

For the final part in my series on board game terms, I'm going to go over some commonly used words and phrases that might not make much sense outside of the world of gaming. Hopefully you've enjoyed this series and learned a little more about the world of tabletop gaming.

Next up I'll be writing another ongoing series of articles where I take a closer look at the various genres and sub-genres of games and then give you my personal top 5 from that category. As always, thanks for reading and may you always roll 6's (unless you're rolling a die with more then 6 sides).

Caverna: The Cave Farmers
Flat River Group


What this means: Fiddly refers to games that have an excessive number of in-elegant special rules or pieces to keep track off. Often times games that are called fiddly require you to put a wide variety of different pieces on the board in various spots as determined by how long you've played, what players are doing, etc. 

Context: “Caverna is fun, but filling all those spaces each turn with all those different bits and pieces makes it kind of fiddly.”

Analysis Paralysis

What this means: The bane of my existence, analysis paralysis often called AP for short, refers to moments where a player seems paralyzed by the number of choices they can make and thus take a very long time on their turn. Games with a lot of choices can be said to induce AP or a player who takes forever on their turn can be prone to AP.

Context: “We can't play Dominant Species with Bobby. He's so prone to AP that the game will take 6 hours!”

Android Netrunner: The Card Game
Fantasy Flight Publishing


What this means: These terms stand for "collectible card game" and "living card game". Both are very similar to each other and refer to card games where each player builds a deck of cards from a larger pool prior to playing. The difference is that CCGs are purchased from booster packs with random cards in them and LCGs are purchased in packs or box sets that all have the same cards so you know what you are getting.

Context: “I'd rather play a LCG like Netrunner then a CCG like Magic so I don't have to open booster packs digging for rares.”

Pasted On Theme

What this means: When someone says that the theme of a game is pasted on, they mean that the gameplay doesn't match the theme and could easily have a completely different theme with tweaks to the art and components.

Context: “I know we're supposed to be pirates, but all these lifeless cubes could just as well be superheros, firemen, or astronauts.”


What this means: Chits are small cardboard pieces, often squares, that represent things in a game. These can represent resources, currency, victory points, or even troops. They're often packaged in sheets and need to be punched out before playing a game. Wargames have a reputation for having lots of chits representing various units in each player's army.

Context: “This game has so many chits I need a pair of tweezers to move my units!”

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