The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth+ DLC Review - Extras That Fans Must Have

The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth+ DLC Review - Extras That Fans Must Have

The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth+

Quick Glance

Platform: PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch
Players: 1-4
Achievements: Yes
Steam Trading Cards: Yes
Controller Support: Yes, Full
Retail Price: $9.99

High Level Premise: More content for The Binding of Isaac Afterbirth. Includes new rooms, enemies, and power-ups.
Graphics/Style: Retro 16-bit / The Legend of Zelda inspired.
Music/Soundtrack: There is a couple new tracks added with the DLC, the rest of the soundtrack remains unchanged.

Story: Isaac's mom locked him in the basement. Better find a way out before the demons find you!

Replay-ability: Huge, the game levels, enemies, items are all randomly generated each time you play. Official mod support through the Steam Workshop, along with development tools included.

Time Commitment: You can finish a set of 4-5 levels in under 30 minutes.

Value: This is the second DLC, which adds a ton of new rooms, items, and enemies. If you like Isaac Rebirth / Afterbirth, you should definitely pick this up.
Favorite Element: Official Mod support / tools. There are hundreds of mods on the Steam Workshop that are well worth your time and enhance gameplay. 

The new Beastiary tells you how many times you have encountered an enemy

The Binding of Isaac is one of those indie games that everyone magically started talking about one day back in 2011.  Using rogue-like elements such as randomized room and item generation makes the game not about beating the adventure, but how well you do in your "run" at the time. After an HD remake (Rebirth) was released in 2014, two DLC packs were eventually created Afterbirth, and now Afterbirth+.  It's a little confusing in the naming convention, because you need to own both Rebirth and Afterbirth to play Afterbirth+. However, each one adds a significant amount of content to the base game.

The Steam Workshop has hundreds of mods to download.

In this case, the Afterbirth+ add-on has two main features that are added. The Beastiary keeps track of how many of each type of enemy you have defeated. But the main attraction here is official Mod support. Using the Steam Workshop, players can download free additional content that the community has created. By simply turning on/off which mods you want to play with in the main menu, this allows new life to be breathed into Isaac. Currently as of this review, there are over 1500 different mods that you can download to add onto Afterbirth+. Development tools are also included in this DLC, to aid you in making your own mods to upload to the Steam Workshop and contribute to the Binding of Isaac community.

If modding isn't really your thing, Afterbirth+ features over 50 brand new items with new effects, a brand new level, new enemies, new bosses, and hundreds of brand new rooms to explore. Overall, if you need to add even more to get your Binding of Isaac fix, this upgrade is a no-brainer.  Note, the Nintendo Switch version includes the Rebirth base game, Afterbirth expansion, and the Afterbirth+ expansion all on the same cartridge. The first thousand copies sold will include limited edition sticker sheets and reversible cover art.

The latest expansion to The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth features: - 55+ new items - New final chapter with boss and ending - New playable character - Greed hard mode - Daily greed runs - 5 new challenges - Loads of new achievements - New bosses and other little editions - PLUS DEV TOOLS!
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