Picking my 7 favorite Star Wars Destiny Legacies Spoilers

Picking my 7 favorite Star Wars Destiny Legacies Spoilers

With Fantasy Flight dropping a new set early 2018 for Star Wars Destiny titled "Legacies" they have been teasing out spoilers and over the last week they have now potentially shown every new character that will be released if they match the card count from Awakenings (the first starter set booster box combo) which consists of 4 characters for each color for both heroes and villains.  It means that some of the characters I was hoping for like Cassian and the Rancor monster may have to wait for another set. But we can start team building in theory now. While we have some cards and items spoiled we still are not quite sure how to judge indirect damage so my favorite picks might be a little steeped in our current way of thinking but these are the cards that excite me the most now.


1. Aayla Secura - Decks that don't start with 4 dice to start tend to have trouble being competitive but some of the lower cost support characters seem to be built to make some of our less appreciated high cost characters more viable.  Aayla makes a great pair with some characters like K2SO. She brings 3 damage sides and a special that will assure the hardest blow your heavy brought to the battle as well as a bonus of mitigation.  Once the heavy goes down she is a threat to finish the game which you can't reliably get from low cost heroes like Ezra Bridger plus she has 10 health.. 


2. Hondo Ohnaka - I personally like running disruption decks to throw off my opponent and Hondo makes those efforts more worthwhile with specials that become 3s when your opponent can't afford to pay them off. If they can pay them off you drop heavy weapons on him to make your force all the more punishing.  And as a neutral character you can make him a villain or hero so he has amazing value and utility.

3. Adapt - Heroes don't have as easy a time scaling up their money and this card allows Blue Heroes to lose a shield to gain a resource.  This plus a "It Binds All Things" and maybe you will be able to see a Master of the Council get played.

4. Ataru Strike and Double Strike - Both Hero and Villain blue characters get some big play attack cards that people will learn to fear.


5. Vibrocutlass - The Wookie Warrior or Gamorrean Guard decks just got interesting. This card without cost on a yellow character is amazing and I want to build decks just around getting this into play.

6. Force Rend - The Rend card which gets rid of Zero cost upgrades and supports seems so useful but I often hate putting it into my deck, but this ability gives you that power with the special but you can also pop off annoying cards with your resources.  This card is perfect for Emperor Palpatine who will remain the only single character deck and who we feared would be wiped out by heavy indirect damage or 4-5 character decks. Now you can take away those annoying Ancient Lightsabers, redeploy weapons, or the new Palp killing Kylo Ren's Starfighter (one of the 40 dollar cards of this set I bet) 

force rend.jpg

7. Nute Gunray - Nute has an ability that is so obnoxious that people will certainly focus on him before moving on to your stronger characters which might make him one of the best support characters in the game. I mean if people hate Tie Pilots and Snap this ability is more oppressive as they piss away resources or watch cards they built their deck around go into the trash. Furthermore, the other two need dice in the pool and can be mitigated. Nute is only mitigated by death, which you can also be dealing out with a full health Darth Vader or some other pairing..

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