Oregon Trail: Hunt For Food Review - Don't Go Hungry!

Oregon Trail: Hunt For Food Review - Don't Go Hungry!

Oregon Trail: Hunt For Food Card Game

  • Game Type – Cooperative Press Your Luck Card Game
  • Number of Players – 2 – 6
  • Mechanics – Random card flipping with dice rolling
  • Difficulty – Easy to play, hard to win
  • Release – 2017
  • Publisher – Pressman
  • MSRP - $15


Remember that time you played that super difficult Oregon Trail card game? Well the franchise is back with a sequel! Time to go hunt for food as there are critters running everywhere in the forest! Your team of up to six players need to find and successfully earn 600 pounds of meat to survive the harsh environment of the wilderness.


Oregon Trail: Hunt For Food can be played as a standalone or as an additional expansion to the original Oregon trail card game. Cards are shuffled and placed into stacks distributed within a 6x6 grid. These cards may contain a food source, free space, barrier, calamity, or instant death. The object of the game is to have your team collect 600 pounds of meat before everyone perishes. I personally think because of the number of instant death cards, that the more players you play with, the better chance you have at succeeding in your sustenance mission.

Players take turns rolling to see how many spaces they can either move or draw a card from. It's entirely possible to lose the game right from the start and never move the token at all, depending on how the cards were dealt.

Rule book

It's just a rule sheet, however it is very detailed and colorful. It clearly explains what is and isn't supposed to happen, and guides you on what each different card means and how it is supposed to be played during the game. There also is a ton of humor and references to the original computer game. Oh yeah, and death. Lots of references to the player not surviving in the game.

Chris shares the rules as Brad examines the cards that represent the wilderness of the Oregon Trail.


It's Oregon Trail the computer game. It's themed appropriately by the license and the difficulty.  People have rose-colored glasses when it comes to some of these older games, they were hard! They were designed to make you keep coming back and asking for more. There was also a bit of luck to be had in Oregon Trail, and this card game holds to that theme as well. All of the cards and components are retro-computing themed in tune with the game license.


This is very easy. Like I said before, set it up cards in stacks in a 6x6 grid with your bonus cards in a 2x2 grid with the deck sitting next to it. Done. Super easy to setup as well as clean up.

The board has cards lined up in piles forming a 6x6 grid.


The art and design is almost identical to the original Oregon Trail card game. Everything is themed appropriately, and card graphics and text look like they came straight from an older computer system. It also comes with an awesome retro-themed set of cardboard coasters shaped as floppy disks, that are not to be ignored. I especially love the retro-themed numerical dice in both this game and the original Oregon Trail game. Your team's token, a pixelated hunter rounds out the components with some additional retro flair. The cards have a nice gloss to them, and overall the components are of a decent quality.

Several of the components inside the game. Note the 4 retro cardboard diskette coasters.

Final Thoughts

The game is hard. Really hard. It won't take long before someone in your group bites the dust, and will possibly sit out the rest of the game. In fact, the game is so hard, our group of four players has yet to successfully make it to win the game. Because of the brutal difficulty, it's safe to say that Oregon Trail: Hunt For Food isn't for everyone, and that's okay. This is truly meant for those who love the Oregon Trail license and those that love challenging cooperative games with a twist of luck thrown in. If you are a die hard fan of Oregon Trail, then you will have to have this game right away. For everyone else, you may want to wait for a sale. I have seen it as low as $8-$10 at Target, as they frequently run board game sales. Still, with the components and classic coasters, it's worth it to anyone to take a look at the $10 and under price point. Now get out there and hunt some food!

Sure looks like a good place to hunt for food!

Sure looks like a good place to hunt for food!

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