PAX Unplugged Philly - Our Hopes and Plans 11-18-2017

PAX Unplugged Philly - Our Hopes and Plans 11-18-2017

We have been Penny Arcade fans for over a decade but we have yet to attend a PAX event and then they were nice enough to plant one close to home in Philadelphia called PAX Unplugged which puts the video games aside and focuses on Tabletop gaming which is really exciting.  Most of the creative team from out site will be in attendance so keep an eye out for one of us, and your odds improve if you are around one of these events or company tables that we are most looking forward to sampling on Saturday November 18th.


1. Dean will be playing some random Star Wars Destiny matches, but due to schedule conflicts won't be able to join the formal Galactic tournament.  They are doing some smaller scale battles called "Escape Pods" where groups of 8 people will square off and try to earn some sweet prizes. Dean probably will have to buy one of the Playmats (shown above) off a better player.


2. The Penny Arcade Licensed Game from Level 99 Games "Automata Noir" that is being shown at this event. We love the idea of turning the story into a mystery game and we look forward to playing and probably buying it. Maybe some items from their latest Kickstarter "Temporal Odyssey" will also be on hand.

3. Fallout and Sid Meier's Civilization: A New Dawn from Fantasy Flight. Both of these look amazing, and we are looking forward in getting an up close and personal look at both. We have played a few rounds of Civilization and its expansions, are excited for the new game. The board reveal component of Civilization is a personal favorite of Chris', hopefully something similar is involved in this release. I can't tell you how many hours we have poured into the Fallout video games, but I can tell you our wives are never happy when a new Fallout release comes around.

Fallout - Fantasy Flight Games

Sid Meier's Civilization: A New Dawn - Fantasy Flight Games


4. Dice Master Drafting - After sampling the Tomb of Annihilation Draft packs from Wizkids, we hope to play some more and maybe get a glipse of The Mighty Thor draft packs coming soon.  After seeing Thor: Ragnarok I really want to see if they got anything from the movie in the game or if they had to stick close to the comic as they usually do. I just know I want Korg. 


5. Pin Trading and Exclusive items - Pinny Arcade as it is called has blown up with Disney quality pins that can be exclusive and feature some of your favorite licenses and this event will feature a bunch of items we can place on our lanyards.  We also hope to scoop up some potential event exclusive promo items for some of our favorite games.

6. Settlers of Catan - We used to play this game a ton, and have yet to sample many of the expansions since the Explorers and Pirates edition and it might feel like coming home to an old friend.  Plus they made a Game of Thrones edition and that could get interesting.

7. Game storage and transport - We are proper adults, but often resort to crappy cardboard boxes and the like when hauling our favorite gear and games around.  We hope to see some nice options to allow us to cart our beloved games in style and keep them in pristine condition. We also have a few games with expansions that have outgrown their original boxes and maybe an upgrade is in order.

Time Stories Board Game
Publisher Services Inc (PSI)

8. Game deals, and free play sampling.  The list of games we want to play is long and we hope to cover many in the days and weeks after PAX, but some highlights would be Raiders of the North Sea from Renegade Game Studio which has some shared elements with a favorite of ours Lords of Waterdeep, and Time Stories from Asmodee which looks like a deep rabbit hole to fall into.  And we will certainly get roped into even more games in person.

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