Star Wars Destiny - Red Heroes Explored

Star Wars Destiny - Red Heroes Explored

This is part of an ongoing series discussing Star Wars Destiny within a casual/budget framework or taking on the challenge of building a deck around every character in the game. (Note: am "e" in front of a character means "Elite" or running the character with two dice)

Red Characters tend to get the most out of non-unique characters and have the most supports to choose from like C-3P0 and some vehicles like Hera's Ghost. They are more often than not ranged damage attackers but some melee options exist like K-2S0. Red decks tend to play slower but have some clever tricks up their sleeve to give you an advantage, so have fun working some of these guys into your hero teams.


Admiral Ackbar - Perceptive Tactician

Support Character - Awakenings

Breakdown - Ackbar has a nice passive ability that works whether you run him with two dice or not which makes your opponent want to hang on to their cards instead of taking two damage so they might resist discarding to reroll or using a card that isn't paticularly useful. A 2 focus die will make it easier to get the results you want on other dice and he has a 33% chance of rolling resources if you are building toward expensive upgrades or supports.

Best use - Since he has a ranged damage and his ability deals damage he isn't ideal as a Mill deck support, he is better suited to a deck with Vehicles where he is bringing the money and focus sides to let them knock out your opponents, while his passive ability whittles away some damage and makes it cost more to play cards to mitigate you team's damage.

Interesting Pairings -

  • eAckbar/eFinn - Best of Red Hero and Villain Vehicles Deck
  • Ackbar/Finn/Rookie Pilot - Vehicle Deck with more health
  • Ackbar/Temmin/Poe (2p) - Mono Red Vehicle Nuisance Deck
  • eAckbar/ePoe (Ace Pilot)
  • Ackbar/eEzra/any 9-10 cost
  • Ackbar/eLuke

Baze Malbus - Crack Shot (Legendary)

Ranged Damage Attacker - Spirit of Rebellion

Breakdown - 4 damage sides makes him a consistent damage dealer. If you know you are facing a team of 3 or more characters his special could be a nice addition.  

Best Use - Ideally you want two of his dice to maximize his damage die, so he wants to be paired with another ranged attacker or someone who can focus his sides for maximum effect.  

Interesting pairings

  • eBaze/Temmin - Temmin has disrupt and battlefield mitigation that makes it harder for your opponent to mitigate Baze's damage.
  • eBaze/eHera - Red Vehicles taking the heat off of Baze and can deal damage quickly and cheaply.
  • eBaze/eMaz - Quick resolution for Baze with Maz's activation ability.
  • eBaze/Chirrut - More thematic than useful but if you have the Handcrafted Light Bow item it gets better.
  • eBaze/Chewbacca - Heavy damage and more health than most decks

General Rieekan - Defensive Mastermind

Support - Empire at War

Breakdown - His ability makes him a hero mill deck character with strong shield and focus die.

Best use - Mill decks often need yellow cards so a pairing in yellow would be wise, and his ability is maximized with multiple characters with shields so pairing with two others makes sense. Also works with a shield based attack which is common with Blue Heroes.

Interesting Pairings

  • Rieekan/Padme/Outer Rim Smuggler - Mill Deck
  • eRieekan/ePadme - Mill Deck
  • Rieekan/eQui-Gon - Shield Attack team

Hera Syndulla - Phoenix Leader

Vehicle Based Attacker - Empire at War

Breakdown - Her ability makes playing vehicles free at least for a turn which can be devastating, Otherwise she does a little of everything.

Best use - Chucking vehicles, and to avoid having to return them to your hand you can chuck a Quadjumper and then use its special to swap in the Ghost or Millennium Falcon which would remain in play. You want to pair her with someone who can focus her and the vehicles to specials and have enough health or durability for your vehicles to win the day.

Interesting Pairings 

  • eHera/eMaz/Rookie Pilot or Ezra
  • eHera/ePoe (Ace Pilot)
  • eHera/eLando

K-2S0 - Reprogrammed Droid (Legendary)

Melee Attacker - Empire at War

Breakdown - His ability is really thematic since in Rogue One they didn't give him a weapon until the end of the movie, and once he had it he was tough to put down.  If you scheme ways to put weapons on him (Redeploy, Bestow, etc) you get to roll him out twice and he deals a ton of damage.  The downside is that he is expensive and you opponent probably focuses on him and may kill him before your weapon swapping scheme comes together.  

Best use - You need a plan to put weapons on him, perhaps often. Yellow cards often have the most resource manipulation so a yellow pairing may be best, however blue characters have more melee options which matches up nicely.

Interesting Pairings

  • eK-2S0/eEzra - Ezra allows for two more dice and has low enough health that your opponent may drop him first so you can get the weapon load scheme in place for K-2S0. 
  • eK-2S0/Kanan
  • e-K2S0/Rey (Force Prodigy)
  • K-2S0/eRey (Finding the Ways)

Leia Organa - Born Leader

Ranged Attacker - Awakenings

Breakdown - Our favorite Princess is handy with a blaster, but a little expensive and her ability is worse than just discarding a card to reroll.  If you roll a blank over and over you can just remove it and roll two others, but this may not happen often.  I wish it was reroll ANY die.  Then she would be a control character with the option to deal ranged damage.  

Best Use - Ranged attack team, but her focus side and special can pair her with anyone who you want to land certain sides and you want access to Red cards.

Interesting Pairings - 

  • eLeia/eKanan - Surprisingly good synergy, All base damage with blue card mitigation.
  • eLeia/ePadme - Mill Deck
  • eLeia/eAckbar - Control/Vehicle Deck
  • eLeia/Lando - Resource heavy support deck
  • Leia/Hera/any 8-9 cost

Mon Mothma - Skilled Politician

Support - Spirit of Rebellion

Breakdown - A more expensive Maz Kanata with one more health and an extra resource side and a 2 focus.  If you are building a deck that could use a Maz but you already have yellow but would like access to red cards she is for you.

Best Use - She works as a good general support with decent focus and resource sides, and while her die rolling bonus is not exciting you do often play a lot of red events when you have access to them. So any deck that you want to make more reliable or rich she can contribute.  

Interesing Pairings

  • eLeia/eMon - Quick deck that can usually own the battlefield
  • eMon/eLando - Crazy money, and good with Planned Explosion

Poe Dameron - Ace Pilot (Legendary)

*A recent update from FFG has changed this card's cost to 16/20 in official play changing his pairing options, namely he can no longer go with eMaz.*

Special Spammer - Awakenings

Breakdown - His special is bananas, and most uses of Poe revolve around packing your deck with cards with dice so he can throw their damage sides.  He has decent ranged damage to fall back on as well.

Best use - Pair Poe with someone with focus sides to unleash his special or someone who can generate the resources to fill the field with vehicles. 

Interesting Pairings

  • ePoe/eMaz - This is a famed pairing in competitive play.
  • ePoe/eHera
  • ePoe/eTemmin
  • ePoe/Chirrut or Rey (Finding the Ways)

Poe Dameron - More than a Pilot

Ranged Attacker - 2 Player Starter Kit

Breakdown - This version of Poe is a little more flexible.  His shield ability pairs him well with Blue Heroes and his focus ability makes him generally useful, and his all base damage sides means you don't necessarily lose synergy pairing him with a melee attacker. However, his versatility means he isn't excellent at anything. 

Best Use - I think he is better than Leia, and cheaper with just one less damage side.  Probably best used in a support deck where his shield helps you keep people alive getting your engine going and his focusing makes the heavy damage sides more consistent.

Interesting Pairings

  • ePoe/Sabine - Ranged trickery and your opponent is more likely to focus on Poe to start letting Sabine run wild.
  • ePoe/eRieekan
  • ePoe/Rebel Trooper/Rookie Pilot

Rebel Commando

Non-Unique - Spirit of Rebellion

Breakdown - A decent grunt with ranged damage, a discard, and a mitigation special which costs a resource. Another Red Jack of all Trades type card with die sides more typical of a unique character but with the cost you are probably better off picking one of them.

Best Use - Commando fits best in a deck that has cards that maximize non-unique characters which is typically a Red deck thing.  In a mill deck the discard and mitigation option with 10 health might have some utility.

Interesting pairings

  • Padme/Commando/9-10 Cost Blue for a Rainbow Mill deck

Rebel Trooper

Non-Unique - Awakenings

Breakdown - Most affordable than the Commando but with 3 less health, however you get 3 damage sides and the Guardian ability which can really keep your treasured character alive a bit longer.

Best Use - Cheap enough the Trooper works in Ranged or Vehicle Decks, or to round out a team bringing three characters or to accompany a heavy like Mace Windu if you want to do something interesting with some red cards.


rookie pilot.jpg

Rookie Pilot

Non-Unique- Empire at War

Breakdown - The hero Stormtrooper perhaps? He has two blanks and his damage sides are modified so he has to get some base ranged damage from somewhere. But his damage sides are both valued at 2, and he has a nice little bonus re-rolling your vehicles.  

Best Use - Adding guns to a ranged deck or being a meatbag to soak up damage in a vehicle based deck.




Temmin "Snap" Wexley - Recon Specialist

Disrupter - Spirit of Rebellion

Breakdown - Snap is pure mayhem.  He is somewhat unique in the game with multiple disrupt sides taking away their resources, he can mill, and he makes it hard to claim the battlefield.  He is cheap so you can put him in a lot of decks and he is so annoying your opponent may target him first so they can do more of what they want.

Best Use - In a deck designed to mess with fast decks or ones that need money.  Fast Decks tend to struggle with resources and they often want to claim early and he can make them poorer and keep the battlefield ability at bay.

Interesting Pairings - 

  • eSnap/ePoe (Ace Pilot)
  • Snap/eBaze
  • eMaz/Snap/Rey (Force Prodigy) - Mitigation that flips to damage midgame

Wedge Antilles - Squad Leader

Legacies (Not yet released)

Breakdown - With this set not yet released we are still theorizing how to best utilize indirect damage which is all of Wedge's damage sides. But regardless his power action makes him perfect for pairing with vehicles.

Best Use - Pairing Wedge with vehicles with some high damage sides, and with the modified side at least one other thing with base indirect damage which might make him best used with new cards we haven't seen yet.

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