Danger Zone Review - Burnout's Crash Mode Reborn

Danger Zone Review - Burnout's Crash Mode Reborn


Quick Glance - Danger Zone (Released Oct 2017)

Platform: PC, PS4, Xbox One
Players: 1 with online Leaderboards
Achievements: Yes
Steam Trading Cards: No
Controller Support: Yes; Full
Retail Price: $12.99

High-Level Premise: Burnout's Crash Mode as a solo game.

Graphics/Style: 4k capable, but the setting is a holodeck type simulator so the backgrounds are bland.

Music/Soundtrack: Generic Energetic Music with decent crash and explosion sounds. No Kenny Loggins?

Story: You crash cars...for science?

Replay-ability: You can play over and over if you like challenging for the highest score.

Time Commitment: Easy to pick up and put down, challenges take seconds and you can stop whenever you like.

Value: It is a discounted title already, but the game can be beaten in a few hours and is pretty singular in what it offers. A bargain for some but not all.

Favorite Element: 'Splosions

Burnout Revenge - Xbox 360
By Artist Not Provided

Burnout was an amazing arcade racing game that sadly isn't releasing new games.  It has been almost a decade since Burnout Paradise and even longer since their amazing games like their third release or Revenge.  Danger Zone takes arguably the best mode of those games and focuses in on it with improved graphics.  On paper an amazing idea.  However, the game missed a few key items that make it not as good as one of those decade old titles.  

First, in Burnout's crash mode you would drive into some chaotic intersection and try to create some ruckus.  Once you engaged you would try to keep your vehicle in motion so that the mayhem never stopped.  If you landed on your wheels you could limp back into the roadway or while you flew through the air you could connect with things to boost your score.  It was addictive and hilarious.  Here once you hit something your engine is dead, you can't move even if the first accident was minor.  If your hit was good enough you can explode and then float over to a new place to spread the carnage but once you land you are stuck unless you did enough to unlock another explosion.  You will find yourself stuck often and the experience is not ideal.  The game makes you a spectator more often than they should have.


Second, by setting the game in a "simulator" you don't have real life flavor to the crashes.  You can't careen off a building or take out random environmental stuff. It also makes the environment a black nothingness or drab street only.  So while the graphics are improved they didn't bother rendering a pretty world to destroy.

Third, the carnage isn't very random. You don't have a lot of ways to get your high score you clearly have to start somewhere specifically and then move to another specific location and so on in order to hit the high score needed to unlock the next level.  So instead of just having fun you have to figure out how they wanted you to go which is a lot of trial and error where your vehicle misses and you sit there waiting and hoping. However, if you view it as a mayhem puzzle it is reasonably fun, but different than what I expected.


The game is fun, and solving the destructive puzzle of each level is a challenge I think many will enjoy. However, I can't say this game is better than an old Burnout game which is disappointing. However, there is no Burnout game on the horizon so this is what we have to scratch the itch, and man it needed scratching.

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