TMNT: Heroes in a Half Shell Dice Masters Set Revealed

TMNT: Heroes in a Half Shell Dice Masters Set Revealed

If you follow our site you may know that Chris and I both love the Dice Masters collectible game, and we were excited to see what we thought was a one-off collectible set for the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles last year.  Unlike the other lines that featured a starter kit and may have been paired with gravity feeds of expansion packs this set was all inclusive.  This meant no searching for rare cards, but also meant no more characters to expand the universe.  Now in 2017 we get another set, again as a complete unit so no booster packs, but we get some more variety of villains and different skills for our turtle heroes.  The set has an MSRP of $35 and should be available starting in Feb/March.  Below, I take a look at the cards included so you can start to scheme up some strategies from within the set.

We will start with the Turtles themselves.  All four of the turtles are 5 cost characters and generally pair well together, each one also has a different energy type.  But there is little to differentiate them beyond that.  Each turtle has a card that makes it easier to buy the other turtles, each one has the ability to pay their energy type to deal damage and then they have a card that rewards having multiple turtles in action.  If you build a team around the turtles I imagine you will want to mix those up, probably buying the one that makes it easier to buy the others first. If you mix and match from the first set it might get a little more interesting.

Casey Jones - In this set he is really limited to being used against 2 cost characters unless you choose the "Penalty Box" card which grants life when used against sidekicks which would be easily done throughout the game. 

Metalhead - If you build a team with the Turtles you have to include Metalhead as the hammer, or with his 6 cost card he can make the turtles unblockable which would be devastating.  

April - Another useful character if you build a turtle based team.  Her "No Mere Damsel" card can make buying the turtles easier and spare you needing to choose that perk on one of the turtles themselves.  But the "On the scene" card adding 2 attack and defense to all the shell affiliation cards would be very useful.

Renet Tilley - This character can benefit the turtle or villain team, as it allows you to manipulate your dice by either re-rolling something or rescuing a die from your used pile.  Her 79th Dimension card would improve your chances of getting the burst bonus on action dice, but I have to imagine the other cards being generally more helpful.


Hamato Yoshi - A powerful defensive character with additional blocking bonuses.  The "Unknowning Teacher" card which has a blocked character deal their attack damage to themselves is pretty amazing.  

Karai - This is another sidekick negating or empowering character depending on which strategy you want to roll out.  

This begins the villain section, you may see that they are fairly powerful.  I felt the last set struggled to counter the team powers of the turtles, I think the bad guys bring it in this set.

Slash - I like the Specimen 6 card that makes you think twice about blocking him at all.  I don't tend to like the KO bonus cards unless they are weaker characters that I will churn through more often.

Triceraton - Many of the villains are expensive so I can see the temptation to take the lower cost "Cretaceous Crusher", but the other two pack a lot more punch.

Leatherhead - The 6 cost "Transmat Engineer" is pretty good at negating a turtle based team's defenses, and the other cards can shut down any particular turtle that is pissing you off.

Tiger Claw - Forget Shredder, this is the heavy you want to fight the turtles.  "Lost Humanity" can wipe out any weak characters upon fielding, "Seeking Vengeance" lets you deal extra damage when you battle, and "Kraang Experiment" straight assassinates a character.

Shredder - I like the die faces for him as the heavy, but the 8 cost card is the only one that seems like it could swing a game in your favor. 

Foot Ninja - You'll want to buy all 3 dice if you bring the Foot to battle, all the cards are pretty universally useful so they clearly designed them to be essential.  

I think this set is more balanced than the previous Turtles collection, and if you love Dice Masters and the Ninja Turtles you probably already pre-ordered this set.  If you are impatient grab up the first set to tide you over.

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