ReCore comes out in a week, but where is the buzz?

ReCore, a game that was heavily showed off at E3 this past June is scheduled to release on September 13th. Created by the legendary Mega Man designer Kenji Infune and developed by people that made the excellent game series Metroid Prime, this action-adventure title looks great on paper. Joule Adams is one of the last humans in the Far Eden colony, and awakes from cryosleep to find that the world is controlled by robots. She must take control of her core bot companions, to help her puzzle solve as she navigates around Far Eden to save humanity. The main weapon is a grappling hook that allows Joule to extract the power cores from her enemies and move them from one location to another. She can also use the grappling hook to traverse from one area to another. Along the way, Joule will find resources to upgrade her weapons, and find blueprints to upgrade one of her six core bots to improve their attack and defensive maneuvers.

There is very little buzz on this game. It made a decent splash at E3, but for all intensive purposes this should have been one of the Microsoft flagship games this year. It's a Xbox One and Windows 10 exclusive title, and Metroid Prime developers plus Infune should equal an amazing game that should make any gamer salivate in anticipation. Why are we not hearing more about this? Is something inherently wrong with the game? Folks over at NeoGAF have cited outdated graphics being an issue, along with animations that leave much to be desired. The other thing that is concerning, is this is not a full-priced release title.  Launching at $39.99 gives me an impression that not much faith is being given to this new IP, despite the concept being an amazing idea. I mean really, this should have ended up either as the replacement for Mega Man Legends 3 that fans have desired for quite some time, or a Metroid Prime 4 hybrid.

Don't get me wrong, I want ReCore to be good. Game companies have a tendency to rely on older IPs for too long, and sometimes a new contender is just what is needed to shake up the market a bit. I am not yet convinced that ReCore will fall into this category. There is one other thing going against the launch of this title, and that is Bioshock: The Collection is scheduled to be released the same day as ReCore. Despite it being three games that are just graphically upgraded, it's still stiff competition. There is also a ReCore Limited Edition that can be had for a whopping $179.99 that includes a statue, lithograph, and more. Check out the trailer below for yourself and let me know what you think about ReCore.

Presenting ReCore, an XBOX ONE EXCLUSIVE & WINDOWS 10 EXCLUSIVE Join Joule Adams as she leads a group of Corebot companions on an adventure to save mankind in the dangerous world of Far Eden. From the legendary creator Keiji Inafune, and the makers of Metroid Prime comes ReCore, an action-adventure crafted for a new generation.

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