Versus Con - Stanton, DE September 17th, 2016 Review

This artist created button designs that were of the highest quality.

One of the coolest items was a vendor that made clocks by carving out vinyl records.

The creators of Galactic Con launched a new convention in Delaware that focused on Gaming, especially tabletop Gaming.  Since it was in our neck of the woods we wanted to check it out and see if they could relieve us of some of our money.  The event took place in the Gymnasium of Delaware Tech’s Stanton Campus, and the walls were lined with vendors while the middle was filled with games and people playing them.  There were a few consoles set up for video games but they did not seem to be as active as the tables.  There was a decent contingent of MTG players and a table designed for Car Wars players.  The other tables were playing random games that people bought, brought, or borrowed (from a community table offered). 

This artist had some excellent video game character prints for purchase.

The vendors were primarily artists and crafty individuals who made pretty things inspired by games and other pop culture items like you would see at most comic conventions.  The most prominent name was Anthony Spay who does artwork for Marvel in the upcoming Secret Wars expansions for Legendary and has done art for popular series like Warhammer.  We also met the most knowledgeable Pop Cap salesmen in existence who showed me some pictures of the upcoming Street Fighter line which was one of my first articles and I am officially taking credit for it.

Games to play both tabletop and console

King of Tokyo, one of our favorites.

We bought a few trinkets (Dean likes to add a Button to his lanyard at each event) and Delaware’s premier The Comic Book Shop had some Dicemasters packs at 2 for a $1, but our biggest acquisition was The Devil’s Playground which is a locally designed game that seemed intriguing.  It looks like a game that is as good as your group of friends playing it, and the potential seems strong.  We hope to play test it soon and post a review and video so check back with us on that.

Dax the creator of the board game Devil's Playground.

Devil's Playground board game demonstrated for a small crowd of us.

I think if the foot traffic was to kick up this event could have some legs, hopefully the show runners and vendors did well enough for them to grow the event next year.  I think there were some opportunitiesfrom a marketing and website stand point that could bring a bigger crowd next year as they get more infrastructure in place for it.  If they host again, we will come and check it out.

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