Madden Online Play - The Wild West of Football

Did I just see that?

Did I just see that?

My love of football is tied heavily to the strategy and nuance of the game.  Madden tries hard to capture these nuances and while it fails almost as much as it succeeds in most of these details Madden online play is another creature.  The online play is more akin to an alien species playing football based on seeing someone play NFL Blitz one time.  The players do a lot of weird things you seldom do in the real thing like going for it on 4th and twelve on your own 22 yard line in the second quarter when you are only down 6 points.  This moron miracle tossed a touchdown pass so the game rewards this mockery.  Every time I kicked a punt they would take control of the returner and have them run backwards and then forward so they would get a running start on the return.  While this makes sense in the game, it doesn’t make much sense in the “Game” of football.  If I saw this as a designer I would spike the fumble percentage for fielding kicks on the run so people wouldn’t do it anymore or it would be as risky as it would be in real life. 

Or maybe I am wrong.  Military simulators are far more aggressive and reckless than a typical combat assault, where you heal from gunshot wounds simply by avoiding being shot again for a few moments.  Infinite bullets would certainly earn a scoff from a true veteran.  Maybe I should learn to love the nonsense that is Madden online, I certainly need to learn more of these weird tricks.

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