Dice Masters - D.C. Comics Green Arrow and the Flash Unboxing and Preview

Wiz Kids has done it again folks, just when you thought Dice Masters could not get any cooler, they have made some changes for the better with their latest entry Green Arrow and the Flash. This series focuses on more of the obscure D.C. characters along with mainstays like Batman, Superman, and Green Lantern.  The Green Arrow and The Flash is more of an expansion set that would go great with the World's Finest, War of Light, and Justice League sets. However there is no starter set, play mat, or collectors box planned for this particular series. The only way to get the cards and dice this time around is through the traditional $1 booster packs.  There are two really cool new features with this set.  The first is holograms, where some cards have an alternate variant hologram card, similar to the Pokemon Trading Card game. You can have a common card that is rarer by nature because it is the hologram alternate. This is pretty awesome, because you have a better chance to get a special card like this rather than hoping for the one or two super rare cards in the 90-count gravity feed.

The other awesome feature is now cards can be a dual energy type. This leads to some unique team-ups, adding an extra challenge trying to field a character (The Generic 1 cost cannot be used to field a synergy character.) There are also three new affiliations in this set, Team Arrow, Suicide Squad, and White Lantern Corps. The dice as usual have some pretty neat designs, and the powers on the cards themselves have some interesting new abilities.  I really like the retro art on the Superman card where he is racing the Flash, Wiz Kids should continue this trend with some of their other licenses as well. Check out our video review below, and our up close and personal look at the cards we received. Dice Masters - D.C. Comics Green Arrow and The Flash is scheduled to release this September.

Chris and Dean unbox and review the new Dice Masters - D.C. Comics Green Arrow and the Flash booster packs by Wiz Kids! There are holograms, dual energy types, and more surprises! Will we get a Super Rare!?! http://amzn.to/1qotc53 Click to Subscribe ► http://bit.ly/subscribeswag Let me hear your thoughts on what you think of this unboxing video.

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