Throwback Thursday - Rambo III for Sega Genesis

Throwback Thursday - Rambo III for Sega Genesis

As a spiritual sequel to my Jaws: The Revenge for NES Throwback article, I bring you another game that is better than the sequel movie it is based on – The Run-N-Gun classic Rambo III for Sega Genesis (Not to be confused with the Rail Gun Master System game which is also fun).  The story in true 80’s fashion is pretty simple, your mentor and friend Colonel Trautman has been captured by Soviets in Afghanistan and you have to rescue him by yourself.  In the movie you assist the Afghan Rebels which gets more awkward with time, but they don’t help so much in the game and who needs them?  You are a one-man Army. 

The game is a little short with only 6 levels, but if you want to lay waste to Soviet villains with a machine gun and an explosive bow this game has no equal.   The weapon variety was pretty good for an early Genesis game (this game was available at launch), and if you put down the infinite bullet spewing gun and go in with the knife you can get more item drops like timed explosives and those arrows for your bow.  Speaking of the bow, the best sequences of the game are framed up with a sweet behind the shoulder shot where you take down a boss or vehicle with your trusty bow while taking cover when they shoot missiles in your direction (Careful, you can't move while drawing back the bow).  To increase the replay value each level is timed so you can play for speed once you start to master the game.  Check out this guy who can beat the game in under 10 minutes.

This game was eventually outshined by Mercs on Genesis, but most don’t even know the Mercs’ character’s name (Joseph Gibson…boring), and he doesn’t have the sweet flowing mane of 80’s era Sly Stallone that can only be contained by a red bandanna.  Pull back your own hair, pull out a giant knife that would make Crocodile Dundee smile and enjoy some Rambo action in beautiful 16 bits, you will not be disappointed.

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