Mr. Nibbles Forever - Steam Review

Mr Nibbles Forever
Epic Shrimp

Mr. Nibbles Forever


  • Platform: PC
  • Players: 1
  • Achievements: Yes
  • Steam Trading Cards: No
  • Controller Support : Yes
  • Retail Price: $0.99

High Level Premise: An endless runner / platformer starring a hamster that wears costumes.

Graphics/Style: Overly cute, even the cardboard box that your dead hamster ends up in at the end of the game is adorable.

Music/Soundtrack: Some minimal sound effects, an occasional "sitcom hijinks" tune flickers in and out

Story: Basically run and jump until you screw up and die. There are challenges included to keep things fresh.

Replay-ability: Pretty high, there are tons of costumes to unlock, and each of them does a little something with the way the game plays or looks.

Time Commitment: Most runs take a minute or two. I usually get my fill after 10 minutes.

Value: The endless runner genre is stuffed full. This one has a high cute factor.

Favorite Element: The Marty McFly costume with hover board.

Might as well jump!

Mr. Nibbles Forever is the sequel to an online platformer game (freely playable at or through an app). Forever still has the platforming elements from the first, but this time brings in elements from the endless runner genre. The combination is not a new one, but there are a few small touches that allow this to rise above some other games in this genre.

Mr. Nibbles Forever has very simple graphics, but they are all done in a very cute, cartoonish style. Even the enemy spiders are kind of cute. You'll feel kind of awful watching Mr. Nibbles get wrapped up in a silk web then unceremoniously dropped in a cardboard box...but it's also kind of adorable.

I have noticed that the level design seems to be roughly the same try to try, but every few runs, it changes up quite a bit. I can't seem to get a handle on it. You can almost memorize the pattern, but then it changes just enough to not allow that. Very curious.

Hello McFly!

The other thing I like is the challenge system. Every level gives you some sort of challenge. Whether it's running 300cm, or picking up 2 fruit, or making it to the rocket; you always have something to push towards. When you succeed at the challenges, you unlock new costumes for Mr. Nibbles to wear. Some of these will change the way the game plays, which is a nice bonus touch. So far I've not found the game overly difficult, so it's probably a great entry point for younger gamers.

My favorite costume so far is the Marty McFly one. Mr. Nibbles' hair actually waves in the wind, and he kickflips his hover board. It's these small little bits of animation that make the game extra special. For a 99 cent game, they really showed a large amount of care in the presentation of the game.


All the cute graphics and fun costumes in the world mean nothing if the game doesn't play well. Mr. Nibbles Forever isn't the tightest controlling game I've ever played, but it's more than adequate. You only have two controls, speed control and jump. The game allows keyboard or controller play. I've had a couple moments where it has felt like it didn't register a jump, but for the most part controls have been solid, and I've never felt my deaths were cheap.

Mr. Nibbles Forever is a very solid entry into the endless runner genre. The graphics are cute, and the challenge level isn't crazy high. There are tons of costumes to unlock, so it will stay fresh for a while. I think this game would be pretty fun for kids, as long as the hamster ending up in a box in the backyard wouldn't be seen as overly traumatic.

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