Worms W.M.D - A Return to Greatness - PlayStation 4 Review

Worms W.M.D

Quick Glance

•    Platform: PS4, XB1, PC
•    Players: 1-4 (Local Multiplayer) 1-6 (Online Multiplayer)
•    Achievements: Yes, trophies/achievements
•    Steam Trading Cards: Yes
•    Controller Support: Yes, Full
•    Retail Price: $29.99 (Physical release or Digital download)

High Level Premise – Progress through a variety of developer-made levels & challenges, or compete against others among local/online multiplayer death-matches.

Graphics/Style – 2 dimensional Worms with hand-drawn textures, now in gorgeous 1080p/60fps!

Music/Soundtrack – The classic slow-paced background music returns with a number of the tracks being remixed versions of memorable classics from the series.

Story – N/A

Replay-ability – Moderately high, a fairly large amount of in-game challenges & objectives will keep the player revisiting levels on multiple occasions.

Time Commitment – While the single player missions will last several hours for completion, a wealth of time can be spent among level-specific objectives; training missions, challenge missions – not to mention the local & online multiplayer components!

Value – Moderately high – while the cost of admission is higher this time around, there’s more than enough content to justify a purchase.

Favorite Element – Environments contain more variety than ever, including artillery weapons; mechs, and vehicles.

The ability to craft weapons & items is a welcomed addition.

Sean says:  When it comes to Team 17’s Worms, I’m always the first in line for the newest installment.  Several years back, I felt they missed the mark with Worms Revolution, as the game was riddled with bugs and poor performance on the PS3, as the new revolution engine did not play well with that console.  Thankfully, the series came back swinging in the summer of 2014 with Worms Battlegrounds, showing off the true potential of the Revolution engine, only this time on the PS4. Battlegrounds went on to be one of my favorite titles of 2014, and most of all, my favorite Worms game on a PlayStation platform.  Being one of my favorite series, I went into Worms W.M.D with high expectations.  I’m happy to say this installment has far exceeded all of them.       
    So what’s new with Worms W.M.D?  Gone is the 3D Revolution Engine, and in comes the new 2D engine which promises classic Worms physics and 2D hand drawn visuals.  It’s evident upon first booting up the game that Team 17 went back to the drawing board for this one in order to promise the classic gameplay that everyone loves, along with a host of new features to warrant a purchase.  Added into the environments are vehicles, stationary artillery weapons, and mechs – all of which can be used to add flavor to the classic Worms combat.      In addition, buildings can be entered for temporary shelter, yet they can also be destroyed to ensure no player has an unfair advantage among their competition.  Crafting is also new to the game, allowing the player to collect resources to build weapons and items, along with new variants from the classic arsenal that the fans are already familiar with!  

30 fun single player missions each have four level specific objectives, adding depth and replay value.

Multiplayer – it’s something that Team 17 understands the importance of getting right, and this time is no exception.  Nearly all of their games included both local and online multiplayer options during the last generation, something of a staple when you consider how many titles outside of their fantastic studio merely offered either/or.  Worms W.M.D takes it even further by offering the classic local play, and up to 6 players online!  
So grab your friends, order some food, and throw a party like it’s 1998.  Worms is back with what can easily be labeled as their most ambitious and greatest title since the classics of yesterday.  Worms W.M.D has re-written the playbook for their staple series, offering more than enough content and new features to justify the asking price of $30.  This one will surely go down in history as an instant classic.

Gareth says:  Right off the bat I could tell the wait was worth it for this new installment of Worms.  The game runs smooth and from all of the single player and online that I played there were no flaws that I could find.  This was without a day one patch, which is something that is becoming rare these days.  I will get it out of the way now, if you are like me and love the Worms series, buy the game.  If you have not played a Worms games before, then read the review and then go buy it.  
Worms is a classic formula that for the PlayStation platform that dates back to PS1 era.  There were many a days when Sean and I played couch coop (I think it was just multiplayer back then, right?).  As years go on, small improvements were made and little things were added here and there.  There was nothing that ever really made me stop and think "wow" these are big changes.  That day has come with Worms W.M.D, and it isn't just one or two things.  They could have gotten away with just including the new crafting system and I would have been impressed.  Instead they decided to include vehicles which are done so well.  My first worry was that they would be overpowered, but that isn't the case.  Buildings are a simple yet amazing addition to the Worms formula that makes it seem like it should have always been there.

New & improved level design gives competitive matches a breath of fresh air.

Single player is never really the main point of buying a Worms game.  That isn't because it’s not fun, it is obviously made for the hours of multiplayer down the road.  This time around the campaign includes 30 mission that each contain four objectives.  This makes clearing each level more fun and challenging.  Instead of just relying on your favorite weapons and demolishing the AI which is never really a challenge, you have to adjust your whole playing style for each map to meet the objectives.  The inclusion of 10 challenge maps which are fun puzzles that take some trial and error to figure out are another great inclusion.  Training is complete and introduces classic and new components to the player.
Multiplayer is the heart of any Worms title, and it comes in spades with this one.  The ranked matches and the ladder of ranks will keep many people coming back in hopes of rank 1.  Private games are available so you can play exactly how you want to (extra homing missiles only for Sean Chandler).  If competitive play is not your thing, then quick games are available as well.  
I will say that the last installment of Worms didn't grab me like this one did.  It feels like it went back to its roots while improving on many things.  The fixing of the ninja rope was also much needed, and it runs flawless in W.M.D.  
For thirty dollars I don't know how many people will bite.  I am on the half of hating No Mans Sky and would pay 60 dollars for this Worms before that game.  If you are a die-hard Worms fan like Sean and I, then you won't be disappointed.

The Worms have unleashed mechanized mayhem in Worms W.M.D! Shoot, slam, smash, blast and spray the enemy with a variety of devastating vehicles from the tried and tested Tank to the agile yet deadly Helicopter.

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