Destiny – PvP and The Iron Banner rear their ugly heads

Last night Chris and I were invited to venture into PvP for the first time in Destiny.  Once a month there is an event called “The Iron Banner” and this special event can grant exclusive items and it plays by different rules than the traditional PvP in “The Crucible”.  The main difference is that your character’s “Light Level” matters whereas normally they level the playing field for versus combat.  I guess that would be great if we had really high levels, but as it stands it means that we are effectively half as strong as the people we are battling.  So if we don’t get the drop on them, they will win every faceoff.  This led to a lot of frustration.  I snuck up on a guy facing the wrong way and stabbed him in the back.  He turned around and killed me with one blast before I could stab him again.  If I can’t win point blank on an unaware combatant this mode is not for me.  The best I could manage was hurting them enough that while I am dying I put a grenade at their feet and hope it finishes them off for me.  This method does not grant the same amount of points, but all the points don’t really seem to matter because if our team wins or loses I seem to get stuff and I came for the stuff.  By the end of the night I had gotten two cool (sadly redundant) helmets and bunch of other useful consumables.  I also cursed under my breath and trotted out some of my favorite insults.  I don’t see PvP being a regular part of my game, but I think I will try the equal playing field version soon just to give it a whirl.  I used to be good at multiplayer and it could happen again once I learn the maps and the game isn’t actively nerfing my weapons.
Chris against my wishes went on an extended vacation gallivanting across the Midwest and so I didn’t get to play any story modes for 2 weeks.  This meant a lot of grinding away completing bounties and trying to slowly acquire better gear. I do have quite an item collection going on, but my quantity isn’t really improving my character quality much lately.  I think a Raid or a larger task might be in order so I might make a few strides ahead so I don’t perform so badly in the next “Iron Banner” event.

Chris says: The Iron Banner is an interesting beast. On one hand, it can be very frustrating to continuously get slayed by those who have been playing for extended periods of time. However, on the other hand I get great satisfaction out of defeating an opponent that I know is way ahead of me in terms of light level. The victory is that much more satisfying that it makes me keep coming back for more.  I know eventually we will be on equal footing with the rest of the players of Iron Banner, but for now we will just have to try twice as hard until we get to that point.

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