Destiny - The Taken King falls

A few nights ago I finally got a random monster to drop an Exotic item.  You would think after so many dozens of hours this would not be a first.  I had only gotten Exotic items by buying them or beating bosses in the story mode.  The item was a pair of boots called “Radiant Dance Machines”. They make you faster when walking and aiming and look like you broke open glow sticks and smeared them on your boots.  Not the most exciting perk, in fact a pretty disappointing affair.  Not only that but I have been gobbling up this spendable item called “Three of Coins” which is supposed to increase the chances of Exotic items dropping. Being that I had to burn 6 of these coins to get the boots I may have been better served saving my money and buying an exotic item I liked at least a little.  But not to miss an opportunity I danced with these boots on testing out my new dance emote I was given for some reason which is the famed “Sprinkler”.  I am now hollow inside, but some stranger liked my dancing and asked to be Xbox friends.  He is still waiting for a response.  So after this experience I am done with Destiny as a single player game.
Now on to the multiplayer, Chris was able to jump on and we finally completed the Taken King story missions including the pretty excellent final mission which had some intense moments and some stunning visuals.  We didn’t get anything particularly great for beating the mission, however a new bunch of quests showed up.  While most seem like busy work, we know that one of those missions will allow us to craft a sword from the pieces of the sword we took from the final boss.  We have to do some demeaning collecting of a particular material and the game requires 25 of them, which may take a few hours of frantic running around in circles on a virtual hell planet, but we are so close to one of those sweet swords.  Once you get enough of the material you can choose one of 3 blades and I have an Exotic helmet that enhances one of them so it is currently the favorite.  I want to start practicing my melee skills in time for the crazy war hammer they show coming in the next release this fall.  A war hammer is literally what I want for Christmas.

Chris Says: I cannot believe how easy the Taken King was to defeat. The final battle was neat, but his pattern was predictable. Honestly, I think we had a harder time with Crota then we did Oryx. Even still, the Taken King expansion was a fun ride.  In fact, I have been very satisfied in our $30 purchase, as we have gotten hours and hours of game play out of Destiny so far and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. Right now the focus is on the sword, something we have become very jealous of seeing other players slash through foes like butter. We also ran into a situation with the mission "The Taken War" where you must visit a planet and eliminate elite-ranking Taken before moving onto the next.  Dean and I for some reason received two different planets initially.  Thinking this was a glitch, we each finished our slaying of the Taken and talked to Petra where we would receive the next planet for the mission. Unfortunately again, we were tasked to eliminate enemies on different planets. Not sure what happened here, but hey more battles to be fought is not necessarily a bad thing.  Also, when I logged on yesterday an emote dance was waiting for me at the postmaster. The Hammer dance is one of my favorites of all time, and I can't believe I can fight aliens and do the iconic MC Hammer moves.  Now all I need is some parachute pants for my character. Please Chandler don't hurt'em.

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