The Last Leviathan - Early Access Review

The Last Leviathan


  • Platform: PC
  • Players – 1, with planned online multiplayer
  • Achievements – None yet, but planned in future updates
  • Steam Trading Cards - None yet, but planned in future updates
  • Controller Support - Yes
  • Retail Price - $9.99

High Level Premise – Physics based ship building and high seas combat

Graphics/Style – Crisp, clear, and bright. It reminds me of Legend of Zelda: Windwaker without the cell shading.

Music/Soundtrack – No music currently, but again, it's planned for future updates. The sound effects, however are top notch and very evocative of high seas adventure.

Story – At this point it's only a sandbox game, but adventure mode is planned down the road.

Replay-ability – Right now it depends how much you like sandbox style building games. Once the full game is out I imagine this will change.

Time Commitment – Pretty low, the ship building system is pretty easy to use so it not hard to jump right in once you get the hang of it.

Value – If you enjoy Minecraft and other creative games this is a great value, otherwise you may want to wait until some more content is released.

Favorite Element – The whole concept of building a ship and sailing around fighting pirates is fantastic.

When I first saw the trailer for The Last Leviathan I was super stoked. A game where you build a ship and sail around a fantasy ocean fighting pirates and sea monsters? Sign me up! What I didn't realize is that the game is still in pretty early beta with no campaign mode and the creation depth is still being formed.

“That's ok”, I thought, “I can just build a giant ship and blow up some pirates!” However, after roughly five minutes of building I realized two important things. The first is that building a Man-o-War sized vessel would take MUCH more time then I was prepared to put into it (I wanted to blow up some pirates now, dang it!). The second was that I had very little knowledge of the actual physics and engineering behind how ships work.

Discouraged as I was, I still felt driven to blow up at least one pirate. Then it came to me…a raft! They float, aren't made of much, and are easy to build. With a new determination I threw this little baby together.

Not very impressive, but surely I could smash some scurvy varmints with my cannons. I would be the scariest raft in all the seven seas! Triumphantly I launched my mighty skiff and prepared to venture forth, then promptly sank to the bottom of the ocean...

While sitting at the bottom of Davey Jones locker contemplating my fate I saw a pirate's boat creep by and decided to go back to the drawing board, determined to destroy something. Maybe I could make a ship that resembled a traditional warship but on a smaller scale. After toiling away I had built my new masterpiece!

“PREPARE FOR YOUR DEMISE, SEA SCOUNDRELS!” I shouted at no one, scaring my pet chinchilla. It was time for battle, so I launched my mighty craft, ready for blood and thunder!

So maybe, this was not the ship that would strike fear into the hearts of all those who flew the Jolly Roger, but at least it didn't sink to the bottom right away. Fate seemed to conspire against me, but I knew in my heart of hearts that I must prevail. With a mighty cry of “third time’s a charm”, I started to construct a hybrid of my two designs, and finally, I was afloat!

I quickly set out to find my prey, and while the seas were choppy, I managed to spot a fiendish privateer in the distance.

I closed the gap and engaged in a brutal battle of grit and gunpowder. The fight might have lasted hours or it might have lasted minutes, in the heat of battle it's hard to tell such things, but after what seemed like an eternity my opponent exploded in a shower of debris and I was finally victorious!

In spite of my initial disappointment, The Last Leviathan turned out to be a lot more fun than I expected. I was frustrated at first at my inability to make a ship that could float, but that challenge ended up becoming one of my favorite parts of the game. Unfortunately, there isn't a lot to the game right now. I mentioned earlier that the game is still in beta, and it shows. If you're a big fan of sandbox style games or naval warfare I'd say this is a solid buy, otherwise you may want to wait for more to be added. What is there, however, is a wonderful shell and an exciting glimpse at what’s sure to be a beautiful epic game.

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