Prime Day Take Two - Amazon's Black Friday in July

Prime Day last year was a mixed bag, in that it was more akin to a yard sale than a sweet deluge of consumer goods.  While they told everyone they made a ton of money, and they probably did, I am sure they saw all the articles mocking their selections and scant quantities and are going to be more cognizant of delivering a few items people actually have on their wishlists.  The sale is exclusively for Prime members so be sure to sign up if you aren't one already.  A few deals have leaked, you can get 30% off the new Hitman Special Edition at 3:55pm but most of what is video game related is clearing out disappointing titles and off brand accessories.  However, the movie deals look better and I think I will end up dropping some money tomorrow.  We will try to blast out some good lightning deals, so keep your head on a swivel and grab some goodies.  If you want to join us for some Destiny Taken King madness it will also be on sale tomorrow at 2:55.

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