Pokemon Go - An outsider perspective

I am a Pokemon novice.  It sprung to popularity after I was too old to really play it and it has never drawn me in.  The closest it has gotten was Pokemon Snap on N64 which I liked but it could have been anything that I was trying to catch on camera and the Pokemon themselves mean essentially nothing to me.  When Chris told me he bought a Pokemon watch I thought that was crazy, and then the Go app dropped and it seemed that closeted Pokemon players abound in my friend circle.  A co-worker at work went to the hospital for no other reason than to possibly catch a rare Pokemon.  So I downloaded the app to give it a whirl. 

The game doesn't really work at home so you have to venture out in the world and my plans for the day involved taking my daughter out for some adventures and sliding by the comic book shop to visit Old School CJ who was hawking some toys there.  I drove slowly around my neighborhood and pulled over when my phone vibrated and captured a few creatures.  I saw an article about some idiot causing an accident and so I tested to see if Pokemon would appear on main roads and they didn't seem to show up until I got onto smaller roads where people would theoretically be able to walk.  I noticed that Churches and historical landmarks give bonus items.  I laughed out loud when I saw that the Jehovah's Witness hall didn't qualify.  When I got to the Comic Book Shop it was apparently a hub of some sort and you could stay there and fight Pokemon all day it seems.  I like that the app is directing people to local establishments, and I can see the benefit of getting kids to get out of the house to go "Catch em All".  I am sure it will also make kids obnoxious at a park when they don't want to go on the swings but just want to run the perimeter hunting fake digital animals.  But as a parent I do appreciate the added incentive it may give a kid to get in the car or go do something.  I mean how many rare Pokemon can you get in Colonial Williamsburg?  A trip that would normally sound like torture is a little different when every street corner is a landmark granting bonuses.  I don't think the game is a keeper for me, but making menial tasks like walking around in the real world a game is interesting, and I would like to see how this game model grows in the future.

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