Interview with Broc Copeland creator of Guardians of the Rose

Hello, today we are talking with Broc Copeland of Pixel x Pixel games and creator of the upcoming game “Guardians of the Rose”. Broc, thanks for joining us today!

Thank you for having me.

You are making games full-time, what made you ultimately decide to do this? Did you have encouragement from friends and/or family?

I've wanted to make games since I was a little kid.  What ultimately allowed me to finally commit to making games full-time was the support of my wife.  She wants me to do what I truly love for a living so she has been supporting our family while I've worked hard at trying to make this dream a reality.

What games are some of your influences for making Guardians of the Rose?

The entire Zelda series but especially the Old-school Nintendo and Gameboy Zeldas are huge.  The arcade version of Gauntlet was also a big inspiration.  I used to love getting to play it at a local Pizza Hut.  And then the open world of the Elder Scrolls Series combined with how much you can customize your character in those games.

Some foes you could potentially face in of Guardians of the Rose

You are creating this game by yourself from the ground up. What are some of the more interesting aspects (and not so interesting) of creating your own game?

It's really fun making your own world-lore and incorporating that into the story and environment of the game.  Pretty much everything to do with designing the mechanics and enemies and npcs is really interesting.  Making the game art can be quite fun as well.  Pretty much everything about it is great.  Fixing bugs in the code is the only bothersome thing I can think of and even that can be fun if I'm in the right mood and have a decent amount of caffeine in my system.

Speaking of which, you are father like us! When do you find the time to make a video game?

It's difficult but I pretty much don't do anything that isn't making my video game, playing with my kid, or eating.  I try and get quality time with my wife while eating meals and playing with our children.  Its not for everyone but you can make it happen if you really commit to being regimented.

Your art style caters to those now in their mid-30s who grew up with classic 8-bit and 16-bit adventure games. What would you say to influence a potential backer from this demographic?

Honestly, I wish I was a better marketer so that I would know what to say to influence any demographic to back Guardians of the Rose on Kickstarter.  I think the main thing I would like to convey is that I am making this game because I love the same games they do and I want to make a game that holds up to the golden age of 8 and 16 bit gaming.

On which platforms will Guardians of the Rose be available?

It will be made available on PC, Mac, Linux, PS4, and Xbox One.

The environments and characters of Guardians of the Rose both look amazing.

Audio can be a make or break aspect of a game, what are your ambitions for the audio this title?

The game's audio will all be in chiptunes which is classic 8-bit music formatted with a tracker using sounds from chip boards of the Commodore 64, Gameboy, Nintendo, and more.  You can listen to the music in the Guardians of the Rose Kickstarter Trailer to here a sample of what kind of music you'll find in the game.

Why did you decide to use Kickstarter over other crowd-sourcing platforms?

Kickstarter is the only one I know a decent amount about.

You are well on your way to your goal on Kickstarter, with more than three-weeks to go. Congratulations! How do you feel about the response so far?

The first day was overwhelming with how much support I got.  It's really amazing to put so much hard work into something and get positive feedback and support.  I just hope that the campaign succeeds so I can continue working full-time on Guardians of the Rose.

How do your Kickstarter physical bonuses such as the art book and T-shirt complement Guardians of the Rose?

Well, there's a lot of art that won't be seen anywhere outside of the Art Book.  There's also some world-lore that is exclusive to the Art Book.  The T-shirt is just gonna be awesome looking, I'm not sure if it'll really complement the game in any way beside showing your support and looking awesome.

Rewards are plentiful depending on what tier you choose.

Adding a backer's character to a game has been very popular on crowd-funding sites such as Kickstarter. How will this work in the development of your game?

This is one of the things that I'm looking forward to most actually.  I really love working with other people and exploring different ideas for games and stories and whatnot.  And with these types of rewards I will get to talk with people that want to put their ideas (NPCs, Stories, Enemies, and Bosses) into game form but don't have time to do it themselves.  The ideas will have to fit into the world-lore somehow but I don't think that will be difficult.  I'm really wanting to reboot my old twitch and stream the co-development of these rewards.  I think that would be great content to put on twitch and I think that it would be fun for the backers as well.

Finally, what’s next for you and Pixel x Pixel? Any other projects in the pipeline?

After this game comes out and I update it a bit and make sure it's a very solid finished product I will finish a Metroidvania game that I was working on before this game.  Most of it's systems are built out and alot of the art is finished so I'm hoping that I can get it into beta shortly after (a few months) finishing Guardians of the Rose.

Broc, thank you for your time and sharing more with us about Guardians of the Rose. We look forward to playing the final version, and reading through all of those bonuses.

Thank you for this opportunity and thank you to anyone that considers backing Guardians of the Rose.

Make sure you check out the Guardians of the Rose trailer below and don't forget to checkout the game on Steam Greenlight and on Kickstarter. We look forward to tracking the progress of this game as it develops. Stay tuned for more news regarding Guardians of the Rose.

Kickstarter Link: Guardians of the Rose is a story-driven 2D action adventure RPG. It controls like a modernized, fast-paced version of old-school Zelda and Gauntlet games with the RPG elements of the Elder Scrolls Series.

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