Happy Anniversary to Gaming With Swag!

Today marks the anniversary of Gaming With Swag. Last year we were just two guys, one with a kid (and another on the way) and the other about to become a father in 2 months time.  We were sitting around a hot June day talking about how we were tired of sifting through video game review sites to find decent indie games, and craved short to the point reviews.  It was discussed that we didn't have enough time to read a 5+ page review about a new release, or try to find which sites or authors we can trust. We just wanted to know if a game was worth our time or not.  We also didn't find many sites that catered to our demographic of busy adults who have retro sensibilities and love collectibles, and decided to make our own.  We both have writing and gaming backgrounds and have enjoyed pitching game reviews and recommendations just like we did when we were in High School working in retail pimping games.  Over time we were able to add more contributors who share our passion for games and understand the struggle of sneaking our favorite childhood hobby into our adult lives, and we hope to leverage them even more over the next year.

We were never sure how Gaming With Swag would be received in the sea of constant start-up review sites that mirror the main sites like Kotaku, Polygon, or countless others. We had to invest more time than we originally planned to not only game ourselves, but build a website, market our content, establish credibility in the industry, and produce regular content that isn't just regurgitated news briefs.  Thankfully, the efforts have been rewarding and we want to thank everyone who has discovered us recently and our loyal readers who hopped on early and keep coming back.  We hope to continue to evolve and hopefully provide unique content that is worthy of your valuable time. 

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