Destiny – Looking back after reaching level 36 (Less than 12 hours of Gameplay).

I am starting to feel powerful.  I still often over-reach and can get surrounded and die, but I am starting to look forward to big monsters as they might mean big loot or experience.  Most of my items have transitioned away from the Green “Uncommon” items into the Blue “Rare” or the Purple “Legendary” kind.  I still am hunting for a stronger Primary gun, but I can see how this loot upgrading cycle could be never ending.  The experienced players are likely enjoying “Legendary” items but looking for “Exotic” items that are particularly rare and if they were to get a complete set of amazing items an expansion may move their desires down the line a bit. I also know the sting of envy as we loot and your friends get a great item and you get dross.  I remember recently I got my first “Ship” from a random Loot crate I found, while Chris only got “Glimmer” an in game currency.  While my ship isn’t particularly special and grants no in-game functionality I could tell Chris was disappointed he wasn’t similarly blessed.  At present, I don’t know the best way to “hunt” for something if that is even possible.  So I am at the mercy of random droppings in my quest for a better primary weapon, perhaps I can get recommendations on the best hunter gun drops and do those missions over and over, assuming there is incentive there for Chris as well.

Beyond the game play and my character development, the story is skeletal toward non-existent.  Since the game needs to be re-playable repeatedly, and needs to be applicable to a nondescript character (my chosen Avatar has no name, history, lineage, etc) and it needs to make sense if played out of order, it means the story is so basic it isn’t really worth following.  The gist being, there are troublesome creatures and beings that infest the galaxy please deal with them.  I hear that the base game story is lame but gets better with the Taken King specific quests, if that happens I will let you know.  I am told reading the Grimoire cards you unlock provide secrets on the realm and its history, but I don’t play video games to read for extended periods of time.

I also feel the call of the game humming in the back of my head.  It is a game that wants to eat hours of your life.  The rule that we don’t play separately has kept this at bay although one time I got on and signed up for bounties without Chris and played with my items, but I think that doesn’t really count.  I can see playing this game being a struggle for many busy adults.  And to do the raids that grant the better items you need a few reliable friends and a 2 hour block to finish them.  One or both of these requirements might be too much for some to buy the game.  However, given my limited time to play I think I could play this game exclusively without buying other games for an extended period of time, which could be an economical draw.  I continue to evaluate the game along these lines and will share my feelings accordingly.

Destiny: The Taken King

Destiny: The Taken King

Chris Says – Destiny has become strangely addicting. I am starting to get into that mode of “just one more mission” or “let’s go find a couple more guys to defeat to earn this bounty.”  There is so much to do in Destiny, that it constantly feels fresh, no matter if you are doing a patrol, story mission, or a raid. I have to admit, there is something extremely satisfying in joining a Public Event where you battle with other random players in the area to take down some big boss that will reward you greatly if you complete it fast enough.  As we progress, more options have become available to us, such as joining factions and upgrading our load outs by using items that we have found during our missions.  I really like the themed planets, and that feeling you get when you reach a high cliff, to oversee a giant area below. Bungie has done a wonderful job with making the worlds seem massive, and has left many nooks and crannies to explore. Speaking of which, I feel like we are finding more treasure chests now than when we first played. I think we have only found one golden chest so far, but we consistently stumble upon the standard green chests more often.

I still have not found blueprints for another ship, which I desperately would like to acquire! Destiny definitely has this feeling to make you feel special when you find something in a chest or after a battle that someone else did not acquire.  I feel like Dean has acquired better loot in the chests, but I have come across some crazy weapons and items after defeating Taken Zealots and Cabal Majors that make up for it.  The Cabal race is my favorite so far, it’s so satisfying to do battle with a hulking monster and punch them in the face. I am learning my role as a defensive player, providing a defensive shield called the Ward of Dawn whenever I deploy my bubble. I like to call them “bubble parties” reminiscent of my times playing Halo 3 with a similar feature. The bubble is actually quite interesting because I have started to unlock bonuses that assist my team greatly when fighting within my bubble. Currently, I have added the “Armor of Light” perk, which allows all allies inside of the shield to gain significant damage resistance.  This has saved myself and Dean (countless times) during intense battles versus our foes and has allowed us to fight, you know, just a couple more guys. I will go to bed soon, I promise.

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