Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - Mutants in Manhattan Review

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles – Mutants in Manhattan


  • Platform: PC (Windows Only), Xbox One, PS4
  • Players – 1(2-4 Online, no local Multiplayer)
  • Achievements – Yes
  • Steam Trading Cards - No
  • Controller Support - Yes
  • Retail Price - $39.99

High Level Premise – A 3D version of the classic Arcade Beat-Em-Up Turtles games with some light RPG elements.

Graphics/Style – Cel Shaded animation like Transformers: Devastation and more like the new cartoon.  Often too dark to enjoy. 

Music/Soundtrack – Arcade style driving music, not particularly memorable

Story – Like the classic games pretty straightforward.  Shredder and Krang are up to no good.

Replay-ability – Low. Although random boss encounters can happen when you replay a level, like Bebop joining Rocksteady for extra mayhem, the levels are pretty repetitive/meaningless until you get to the boss. 

Time Commitment – The whole game can be beaten in a few hours.  Individual Levels take 15-30 minutes so can be easily squeezed into a busy schedule.

Value – At the retail price, low.  This should be a 10 dollar game. 

Favorite Element – The cut-scenes are fun

            This game should be much better than it is.  The classic arcade games are pretty simple but infinitely replay-able and challenging.  This game adds 3D worlds, some shallow RPG elements, and improved graphics but somehow feels cheaper than the old arcade games.  The combat started out pretty complex in the tutorial with varying blocks and moves but in reality the game is a button mashing barrage of chaos.  If you play without 4 controlled characters the AI turtles you don’t control will run wild, and when you get to a boss all subtlety is gone as all 4 turtles flail at them until they fall.  The set up doesn’t really allow much strategy and other than the mild changes you can make to the Turtle’s load outs there isn’t a real felt difference between any of the 4 turtles.  The level design is cardboard, yet lacks the clarity of the arcade versions as you can often get lost as to where to go next, and the sewers are a nightmare to traverse which should be their comfortable home turf.  The RPG elements don’t help you in the middle of a level, and it is even hard to tell the impact with the different items you can carry and the timed special moves you can assign to each turtle.

It is possible during the development of this game they couldn't decide between an open world sandbox game, and an arcade beat-em-up and half assed both into this game.  Either of those theoretical games would have been great but I can't really recommend this game in its current form given its price point as it isn’t particularly good to play, doesn’t last long, has limited replay value, and can’t even be played with local multiplayer.  You would need to convince a few friends to play this game online to get the value and with the communal investment landing above 100 dollars I can’t advise that at all.  The game has potential though, maybe they will take the next game more seriously and deliver something great.

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