Loot Crate Gaming – Literally a mixed bag

Being a Gaming website with a strong love of gaming collectibles, we thought it was a no brainer to sign up for a Loot Box type service to see what we can score and enjoy.  At that same time Loot Crate announced a new premium crate devoted exclusively to gamers that would cost more than their standard box.  We were excited and having seen some of their regular crate hauls we had high expectations.  We also thought that with them launching a new line they would likely start with a bang to build strong buzz for the service and get people signed up.  When the first box arrived we were so underwhelmed it was hard to grasp.  You can watch us open it on Youtube, and we were trying to spin things positive and our sarcasm wasn’t really clear or biting.  After the video stopped we looked over the collection and thought “This isn’t worth anything close to the money spent, and is a horrible first impression of the service”.  We instantly regretted signing up for 3 month’s worth of crates, but after seeing the box savaged online we figured they would get the hint and step up their game.  WRONG.  The second month was worse with highlights being a nearly inoperable watch and a shirt for an old game that few people love (Bioshock 2?).  In that video you can see us getting angry.  Chris and I planned to split the bounty and had originally thought we would fight over the contents.  Right now I have a Division USB drive, the rest I told Chris he can keep or sell.  His “To Sell” box is full.  Shortly after receiving this cruel jape of a box we were told the 3rd crate would be delayed which has happened every month thus far and we had to cancel in advance to ensure we didn’t end up getting ripped off further.  We waited with dread for the third box.  Would it be our long awaited redemption to help soothe the pain of the first two boxes, or would we curse them and their peddled filth from now until eternity.
Some redemption arrived in the third box.  We weren’t blown away, but we both found things we liked in the third box and the things we didn’t care for we know had value to others who played the games they from which they were inspired.  We had to cancel before we received the third box and at the time were furious with them but maybe they finally started getting things together.  Thinking back this might have been a terrible part of the year for swag, right after the holiday rush and before E3 where a bunch of games start fighting for attention.  I can see the box being worthwhile to some, but given we were burned 2 out of 3 months we feel comfortable with our decision to cancel.  We lift our new Doom cup and bid adieu to Loot Crate Gaming, and we may be in the market to sample another goody box service to replace it if you have any recommendations.

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