Geeking out over Collector’s Editions revealed since E3

Here at GamingwithSwag we love our collectibles and Special Editions and E3 games brought us some sweet options to discuss.  As of this printing all are still available but I would anticipate a few to sell out prior to release.  I didn’t feature editions that were out well before E3 like the Final Fantasy release, plus it was a disappointment. 

The Last Guardian

This edition has a good grasp of the aesthetic of the game and the rustic box case and the sleeping peaceful statue look excellent.  It might not match next to the screaming skeleton of your Doom collector’s edition, but it is acceptable to put it in a child’s room.  As always there is an art book, and I imagine this game is more apt to attract the art crowd making it more than a token item.  And of course it has a steelbook and soundtrack included.

Persona 5

This cashes in on many of the Anime fandom faves, including a cute plush, a schoolbag, a hardcover art book and a soundtrack. Without a statue or high value item this edition can drop for only 90 bucks, however the items are not going to be worth the extra 30 dollars for many gamers.

Horizon Zero Dawn

This statue is really nice and thankfully isn’t unnecessarily sexualized which I guess may be disappointing to some.  Besides the art book and steelbook case the rest of the content is digital with a PS4 theme and unlocked outfits and items to use within the game.

Dishonored 2

Another edition that is under 100 to start, but they still included display level collectibles with a Mask and stand, and a ring and display case.  There is a large propaganda poster, a steelcase, and in game digital content bonuses.  For Dishonored fans I think this is a decent buy.

Titanfall 2

This is a large collector’s edition in the vein of the Juggernog for Call of Duty or the PipBoy from Fallout.  At 250 bucks this comes with a full scale helmet replica with battery operated lights and lasers.  There is a collectible dog tag set that is also a functioning USB drive.  You also get a branded scarf, two patches, and a Pilot’s journal in a metal case with a pen.   When you preorder you also get digital content unlocks in the game upon release to enjoy to pair with some exclusive items you can only get with the deluxe edition.    While this set is pricey, I do expect it to sell out and become more valuable unless the game bombs upon release. 


Recore went all out with the Statue, and other than a lithograph, coin, and Steelcase for the game all the Collector value is tied to the hand painted 14 inch tall Statue weighing 6 lbs.  It can be daunting jumping on this set since it isn’t an established game, but because of that it is probably a smaller print run and if the game is popular upon release this set will be very rare.

If I had to give awards I would give best edition to Titanfall which is in a class and price point of its own.  Best bargain to Dishonored 2 as the Amazon prime discount on preorders makes it very close to traditional retail value.  Lastly I would bestow best statuette to Recore, although I like the Last Guardian’s statue as something for my daughter’s room to make sure she grows up with a sense of whimsy. 

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