Throwback Thursday – Mazin Saga: Mutant Fighter for Sega Genesis

Throwback Thursday – Mazin Saga: Mutant Fighter for Sega Genesis

I don’t recall how Mazin Saga found its way compressed down into my Sega Genesis.  I was and still am unfamiliar with the Anime/Manga Go Nagai and Mazinger Z, it was not heavily promoted at the time of its release and almost all of my friends are unfamiliar with its very existence.  But it did end up in my Genesis and I loved that game and have never seen another game quite like it.

The game is a beat em up side scroller to start for each level where you smash your sword through a horde of varied monsters.  When you reach the end of the level you battle a massive creature that is so large you can only grapple with their hands and maybe jump and hit their face.  Once you confound them in this form you grow large to then have a Fighting game battle Godzilla-style in the city to vanquish them for good.  The game was very difficult and remains a proud pillar in my gaming history as a game I had found a way to beat.

It was not as good a beat em up as the Streets of Rage games and didn’t support 2 players which severely limited its chances to breakout but if you love retro games this is a title you likely missed and should investigate.  Don’t you want to fight a boss names Buster Claws, or Slug Head who inspired the popular insult that Alan Cumming used repeatedly in Goldeneye?

(The claim that this game had any influence on the popular James Bond movie Goldeneye is unsubstantiated and highly unlikely, however not entirely disprovable as the game was released around the time film production was underway on the 1995 Pierce Brosnan hit).

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