E3 2016 Day 2 Highlights - Microsoft, Ubisoft, and Sony

Day 2 was jammed packed full of E3 news! Let's recap, remember Dean's comments will be below mine:


  • Xbox One S system confirmed - Controller Redesign, 4K support, loses the Kinect port (adapter needed), $299 in August.
    • I like the design, not worth the upgrade for me, but for new adapters a nice option.  
  • Project Scorpio system redesign coming Holiday 2017, going to be the most powerful console on the market (that we know of.) Games to all be compatible.
    • Selfishly, I just wanted to know that my current console wouldn’t be obsolete.  I can live with lesser graphics, I am a retro gamer.
  • Frank West is back in Dead Rising 4.  Let's hope he brought his camera, because that was my favorite part of the original game.
    • Why they ever moved on from Frank I never understood.  I would like to see them capture the feel of the first game which they have been getting away from, which was keeping them away from my wallet as well.
  • Infune's ReCore game is going to be shipping this September, special edition announced.
  • Build your own controller, 8 million combinations and can print text on the controller.
    • I don’t know anyone that really felt they needed this.  Isn’t it a bad carpenter who blames his tools?
  • Crackdown 3 delayed until 2017, very disappointed in this.
    • I would rather wait and get a good game.  Trying to stay positive.
  • Forza Horizon 3 looks slick with seamless jump in and jump out online multiplayer. Looks like Motorstorm meets Need for Speed. Comes out this Fall.
    • Still waiting on Burnout.  But I gotta admit this game is pretty.
  • Scalebound gameplay shows people fighting dragons. I am okay with this.
    • To clarify, the dragon is your friend and you fight with him, and I have always wanted this.  This title is sneaking up toward the top of my anticipation list.
  • Final Fantasy XV does not look like any Final Fantasy game ever seen. It almost looks like they designed a game, figured it wouldn't sell and slapped a Final Fantasy logo on it.
    • I grew up loving Final Fantasy games, but haven’t played one since 12 and haven’t beaten one since 10.  That streak will likely continue.
  • Crossplay with Windows 10 confirmed on almost all new titles. Can buy one copy and play on both systems.
    • Since I own both, I like this a lot. And now I can talk some of my PC friends into playing some console games with me.  Although I do fear those PC people cheating.
  • Limbo is FREE on Xbox Live for a limited time. Grab it while you can. The new game "Inside" looks to be of very high quality.
  • Xbox Live Clubs and Arenas were announced. Looking forward to starting a Destiny club and a Rocket League bracket.
    • Anyone want to be in a Gaming With Swag club?
  • Halo Wars 2 launches in early 2017, but you can play the beta for free this week on Xbox Live.


  • Tekken 7 looks to return to the series roots, but not released until 2017. Tekken Tag Tournament 2 is FREE this week on Xbox Live. Make sure you download it!
    • My second favorite fighting game series returns and looks promising, still waiting on my favorite to make a big splash (Soul Caliber).
  • Gears of War 4 gameplay was shown, bloodier than ever.
    • I need to give this series another try, and I think 4 is making its case for a launch purchase.
  • Sea of Thieves a pirate game designed by Rare looks really fun. Looking forward to this one.
    • You had me at Pirate.


  • Ubisoft is giving away a free game each month on UPlay, starting with Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time for June.
    • So Uplay won’t just be that annoying thing I have to sign up for to play Assassin’s Creed that never helped in any way?
  • Steep looks to be my top game on my list for 2016. An open world Winter extreme sports game, I am looking forward to jumping off some mountains with a wing suit like Tanooki Mario.
    • I never thought a mountain sports game not called SSX Tricky would pique my interest, but that game looks great.
  • Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Wildlands looks amazing. I am not a huge fan of the Tom Clancy games, but the trailer shown might get me to buy into this one.
  • Watch Dogs 2 looks to be what the original should have been. I might have to check this one out.
    • I think diminished hype will help them, that first game was a disappointment and this is now poised to be a sweet surprise.
  • South Park: Fractured But Whole has the best title of any video game ever. If you preorder the game you get South Park: The Stick of Truth for free.
    • Never thought South Park would still be relevant after all these years, and now in two mediums.  Well done.
  • For Honor is a Viking game, I am all about this. Video games need more vikings.
    • The game also features Samurai and Knights, but it is a tactical melee fighting game built like a Call of Duty multiplayer game.  I love the premise and if the single player mode isn’t phoned in I will buy this game.
  • LeVar Burton was on stage talking about Star Trek: Bridge Crew a VR game which looks neat.
    • Oh Burton.  Now I want VR. Until then I will stare at my autographed Reading Rainbow portrait.
  • Surprise announcement, Trials of the Blood Dragon. Take Trials HD and combine Far Cry: Blood Dragon for maximum awesomeness. Oh, and it's available now.
    • The best game I never knew I needed.  I love the moxie needed to make this game a reality.
  • Assassin's Creed movie trailer was shown, looks to be a decent video game movie adaptation for once.
    • Fassbender hasn’t disappointed me at the theater recent…oh yeah Apocalypse…well it could be good.


  • Insomniac games (Ratchet & Clank) is making a new Spider-man game and it looks amazing. (Pun intended.) It reminds me of Spider-man 2 for PlayStation 2. Confirmed as a PlayStation 4 exclusive, which is disappointing.
    • I was excited until it was exclusive.  Makes sense for them I guess, but I thought Spiderman was for everyone to enjoy.    
  • Crash Bandicoot 1, 2, an 3 are being remastered. He looks weird though, something is off. He will also be an exclusive in the Sony versions of the new Skylanders game that releases this Fall.
    • I thought Skylanders was dead, but they do need to have some games aimed at kids or they won’t grow up to be Playstation fans.
  • Another emotional trailer by Sony called Days Gone is a PS4 exclusive. Looks like waves and waves of enemies, reminds me of when a witch screams in Left 4 Dead. It's a biker who fights zombies, what's not to like?
    • Another exclusive that I would have been interested in had it not been exclusive.  You PS guys got some cool things coming.
  • Star Wars Battlefront X-Wing VR is coming as DLC, why not all ships?
    • Did they add single player?
  • Horizon: Zero Dawn is a game where you fight giant dinosaur robots. Sign me up.
    • One of the best looking games shown at E3.
  • Detroit: Become Human looks to be a futuristic game similar to Blade Runner. I loved the hostage negotiation trailer.
    • Isn’t that the girl from The Following?  I like the style and will be following news on this title.
  • Batman Arkham VR is a detective murder mystery coming to PlayStation VR.
    • Lots of scary VR games.  I value my sleep, and if this game has a Scarecrow nightmare sequence I might lose my mind.
  • The new God of War starts out with Kratos as a child. The game looks beautiful and adds more depth than just "go fight bad guys." This game needs a subtitle or number, no reason to confuse this with the first, especially since it's a prequel.
    • We have missed Kratos, and God of War was one of those games I went to someone’s house to play on PlayStation until I got my PS3.
  • Lego Star Wars Episode VII is coming soon, most likely multi-platform.
    • They continue to churn these out, and they are almost always great family games.  I think the Star Wars titles are the best in the license.
  • Holy crap The Last Guardian comes out this Fall, it's only taken 9 years.
    • 10 years sounds better to me, more complete.  Like we spent a decade making this game for systems that didn’t exist when we started.  This might be Chinese Democracy part 2.
  • Resident Evil VII was demoed, looks like an actual horror game! Honestly, it reminded me a lot of Resident Evil 2 which is a good thing. Note this is NOT an exclusive, and will be available on other platforms.
    • 6 was a disappointment, and usually the even numbered games are the best.  I hope they return to form, and this looks promising.
  • Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare was shown, and looks incredibly boring. I have no interest in this title and I love Call of Duty.
    • I am way done with CoD.  It will take a lot to bring me back to the fold and this wasn’t even close.

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